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Managing Integrated Search

No description

Eric Miltsch

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Managing Integrated Search

Foundation Drive Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Core Managing Integrated Search Website Optimization
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Keyword Management
Content Creation
Conversion Management
Data Collection Store Brand Management
Drive Reviews to create influence
Google Places (G+)
Local platforms More unique visitors
More conversions
Greater search engine exposure
Respond to mobile users
Create greater influence
Leverage customer moments
Integrate your brand's messages Creating Lifetime Customers SEO - Search Engine Optimization: The process of getting traffic from free, or organic, listings on search engines.

By knowing what search engines look for, you can affect where and when your website is found when consumers search. The key: Knowing Google's Rules Why is this important?

2/3rds of today's search traffic comes
from Google.

Owning relevant digital real estate directly impacts the performance of your dealerships.. Why is this important?

80% of the clicks happen within the
organic links.

The other 20% --- Within paid results due to different intent and buying cycle patterns. Why is this important?

97% of all clicks happen
on the FIRST PAGE! How can it be affected?

On-Page Optimization: (25% of the ranking factor)
Keywords: Selecting the most relevant and highest searched keywords with the best probability of reaching page 1 based on competition
Page Elements: Page titles, keyword text, links, etc
Code: Page descriptions & headers Off-Page Optimization: (75% of the ranking factor)
Links: Relevant sites, social signals, 3rd party sites, keyword rich links How can it be affected? Higher organic results
More organic results
More targeted traffic
Improved conversions (More leads)
Most cost effective marketing channel
Create greater brand recognition - you'll be everywhere! How Will This Impact Your Store? Social Media Strategy
Leverage your customer's "firsts"
Expand the buying cycle
Create customers for life
Create employees for life
Drive interests & passions from all Thank You! Eric Miltsch | Director of Product Strategy | DrivingSales.com | @emiltsch
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