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countable and uncountable nouns


daniela bahamondes vidal

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of countable and uncountable nouns

1. There is not much water.

2. I did not eat much butter

3. I want to eat a little bread.

4. She had little orange juice

5. How much pasta did you eat?

6. There was a lot of cheese in that pizza.

7. I've got a little money left; let's go and have a drink.

1. There are not many potatotes .

2. Give me a few olives .

3. How many tomatoes do you need?

4. There were a lot of people at the restaurant
They are things you CAN count.
They can be used in plural and singular
Quantifiers Countable and Uncountable nouns Complete the sentences using the following quantifiers: many- much- a little- a few- a lot of Exercises    IMPORTANT NOTE: Much and many are not often used in affirmative statements; but they are very commonly used in interrogative and negative contexts. 
They are used to indicate quantities. WHAT IS A QUANTIFIER ? Identify the countable and uncountable nouns What ingredients would you use if a chef asks you to make a different kind of lasagna using some of the following food ? Recipe You must :
-Put a new name to it
-Use at least 4 ingredients
-Use quantifiers for each ingredient From the book, page 83, activity 9 Holland is a country with only ____________ mountains .
I don't like _____________ salt in my soup.
It is very sad but in Africa children have _______________ food to eat!
How much sugar do you want in your tea? -Only ___________ , please! Uncountable nouns Look at the examples carefully: Countable nouns and quantifiers Look at the quantifiers and nouns They are things which CANNOT be counted as units. Uncountable nouns Countable nouns Examples: 1. Chocolate
2. Butter
3. Rice
4. Sugar
5. Liquids ( water, coffee)
6. Cream Examples: 1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Man
4. Person
5. Onion
6. Apple
7. Egg My dog is playing
My dogs are hungry
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