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Frankina Family Presentation

A description of my family.

Joseph Frankina

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Frankina Family Presentation

My parents were married on October 13, 2001.
I was born March 28, 2002.
My brother was born Sept. 23, 2004.
My Nana and Papa were married at the age of 19 and 20. They live in Modesto.
My Auntie Marci is my only aunt. My dad is an only child and doesn't have any brothers and sisters.
My Great Grandpa Marshall died before I was born. He collected slot machines and Black Jack tables. My Nana has one of each at her house.
Everett was a co-founder of FMC (they made tanks for the army) and fought in WWI. David was a soldier in WWII. We still have his soldier helmet and knife. This flag was on Everett's coffin during his funeral. It was given to Gladys before he was buried. These pearls belonged to Gladys. She got them, from her mother. They date back to the 1880's.
My Great-Grandma Darlene lives in Grass Valley, CA. She has a pontoon boat.
Great-Grandpa Tom lives in Texas. Some summers he comes to stay at my Nana and Papa's house.
My Great-grandmothers on my Papa's side, lived for a long time. This is Geneva. She was 98 when she died this summer. My other great-grandmother Florence died at 96.
My Nana and Pa live in San Jose. Pa is 100% Italian. Nana is 100% Mexican.
My Great-Papa Joe is the very first Joseph Frankina. My Great-Nana Rose volunteers a lot of her time at a nursing home and church.
Sam Frankina and Salvador Marazita came to America through Ellis Island. When Sam came in, the agent didn't know how to spell his name in Italian. He spelled it in English. My family in Italy spells their name Franchino.
My Great-Nana Mona and Great Papa Al live in Paradise, CA. Great Papa Al is really good at croquet.
My Great-great-nana Connie had 9 kids. One died in infancy. She raised 8 kids by herself because she got divorced.
My Great-Papa's mom died when he was 3. He was raised by his Grandmother Minnie. That makes her my Great-great-great grandmother.
Rose Frankina
This picture shows Nana Connie's mom and dad.
The End

Thanks for listening!
Salvador and Agnes Marazita
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