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No description

Molnar Denisa

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Cartoons

`Cartoons Benefits `
It is make me happy. Why??
First of all, cartoons make me feel like I am still a child.. These remember me about my childhood. That moment when sitting in front of the TV was our activity for the rest of the day.. When trying to pretend that you are like Jack, the pirat. Your only problem was that cartoons, will end and you will have to go to bed. We used to wait anxiously to see new episodes and just because those before them we knew by heart. Like a child, we were always carefree, and this is what I feel when I look at my favourite cartoons. It makes me feel like I am in a world without worries, problems or in a hurried world every day.
Looking at the cartoon is stupid if you're not a kid anymore?
I say NO! And it seems like I am not the only one who have this opinion.
Searching on the internet I found so many important people,researchers, actors, even philosophers who people who believe in the innocence of cartoons that are no longer running on TV. Here are a couple of quotes:

`I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I've ever known.`
quote by Walt Disney

`I like physics, but I love cartoons.`
quote by Stephen Hawking

So, no. Life with Louie and Powerpuff Girls are not as stupid as those new cartoons, if you can call them this way..
Which are the benefits?
Recent studies show that cartoons stimulates imagination and creativity in a much larger proportion than the movie. That's a fact. I believe is true, at least it was until those days cartoons are full of violence, fierceness, rudeness and roughness. Cartoons which were previously are not comparable to those which are like I said, not controlled. this is dangerous, especially for children who watch because they are easily influenced by them.If they see cartoon characters struggling, they will think it is not such a bad thing to do the same.
Today's cartoons characters speak uglier than cowardly Dog or than Kid or Kat.
Even if children love these cartoons, these can affect kids behaviour hour by hour, day by day.

Hmm.. Which are the best cartoons ever?
My favourite cartoons was, I mean, still are my best:
What's with Andy?, Life with Louie, 402 Children, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Chowder, Ed, Edd and Eddy, The Addams Family, Powerpuff Girls, Flintstones, The Cramp Twins, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Bravo, Johnny Test, Kid vs. Kat, Dexter's Laboratory, Totally Spies, Scooby Doo.
How many of you are still watching cartoons?? Well, I sure do..
Maybe some of you will ask me why I do that. The answer is so simple: because those make me happy.
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