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Minnesota Zoo

No description

Nyakim Tut

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo Located in Apple Valley, Minnesota African Fruit Bat The African Fruit Bat is originated from Africa. They eat fruit plants and spread the seeds all over the ground to help then reproduce. These bats are adaptable to any place as long as they have food and shelter. The African Fruit Bat eats figs, mangoes, dates, and any other fruit. Atlantic Reef Fish The Atlantic Reef Fish contain many fish from the Atlantic Coast. This Exhibit is very fascinating to children especially because they like to look at the sharks. Did you know that the wingspan of a southern stingray can reach up to 5 feet. West African Dwarf Crocodile The West African Dwarf Crocodile lives in and around slow-moving streams and is a thick, dark scales covering all over the Crocodile. They have yellow bellies and the young are about 11 inches long at hatching. These crocodiles eat fish, invertebrates, and other water creatures. Some people hunt and eat crocodiles. The Dhole is a primitive canine species with a compact athletic build and a strong pack social structure. They eat small deer and wild boar. The Dhole rely on their keen sense of smell to find prey. These animals are also very social. Dhole (Asian Wild Dog) These acrobatic tree-dwellers use sharp claws for climbing and bushy tails for balance as they move through the bamboo forest. Back when they were named, red pandas were believed to be closely related to giant pandas. With DNA evidence, scientists now know that they are more closely related to skunks, weasels, and raccoons. They eat bamboo leaves berries, blossoms, and bird eggs. The Red Panda Pricing Children 2 and under...... free
3-12 years old.................... $12.00
13-64 years old.................. $18.00
65+ years old........................ $12.00 Contact Information Zoo Phone Number: 952.431.9200 Youtube: MinnesotaZoo Facebook: Minnesota Zoo Twitter: @mnzoo Website: http://www.mnzoo.com/ Email Adress: info@mnzoo Hours Open Mon. - Sat. May 25th - September 1st 9:00 am - 6:oo pm Location: 13000 Zoo Boulevard Apple Valley, MN 55124
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