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The Dog Who Wanted to Die

No description

Noah Campbell

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of The Dog Who Wanted to Die

The Dog Who Wanted to Die
Author: Colleen Archer By: Noah Campbell

15-year-old David Parker’s father moves out of their home in a suburban neighbourhood leaving him and his mother. Mrs. Parker, David’s mother is a freelance photographer that is often away from home. The Clapham’s and their dog Monty move into the house next door to the Parker’s. Monty is a neglected, sad, mistreated, unkempt and overweight dog.
Rising Action (I)
One day, David is returning home from school and he sees that Monty is lying on the lawn. David’s anger and frustration builds up and he throws a rock at Monty, which finally makes Monty leave.
Soon after the rock incident David beings to notice Monty’s suicide attempts. Monty would lay in the middle of the street in hopes that a car would come and run him over.
Rising Action (III)
David is very frustrated and upset that is dad is leaving and he feels alone with his mother often being gone, which causes him to start doing poorly in school and quit his job.
Rising Action (IV)
The Clapham’s suddenly move out and leave, abandoning Monty at the house.
Rising Action (V)
That same day a truck almost hits Monty who is lying in the street but the truck stops, the driver tells David to take the dog back in the house. Even though Monty is not David’s dog he brings him home since he has been abandoned and has nowhere else to go.
One Wednesday evening David’s mother has to teach a class so David and Monty were left alone. Mrs. Parker warns David to lock up the house due to the large amounts of burglaries that have been happening in the neighbourhood but he fails to do so. When David is about to go to sleep he hears a noise and realizes someone has broken into the house, the burglar sneaks in to David’s room where he is hiding. The burglar is about to attack David when Monty bites the burglar giving David enough time to call the police. The burglar flees and Monty is rushed to the hospital, the vet tells David Monty needs to be better taken care of and David vows to do so.
Rising Action (II)
Falling Action
Over the next few weeks, David begins to clean up his act. He wakes up early to make Monty for 2 mile walks; he is grooming Monty regularly and carefully following Monty’s strict diet. David’s school performance also improves and he gets a new job of his own to help support Monty’s needs.
In June, David receives his report card and discovers that he has passed with honours. Monty is doing much better and is very healthy. David even beings to reconnect with his father and schedules a couple days to see his father and tell him all about how he saved Monty’s life and how Monty saved David’s.
"Just looking at their
dog Monty made David sick."
"Then David, who never had deliberately hurt a
living thing before, bounced the stone right off the side of the fat dog's head." (pg.2)
"Every time a car into sight, Monty would head into the center of the road and lie down on his side." (pg.2)
"David, on the other hand stopped working
completely and his school marks dropped." (pg.3)
"It didn't occur to David that people could go away and leave their pet behind" (pg. 3)
"The boy grabbed him by the fur of his neck and hauled him into the house." (pg.4)
"Instead he heard a low snarl, and when he opened his eyes, and when he opened his eyes, Monty was clinging tightly to the jacketed arm." (pg.5)
"It wasn't much of a job, but it was enough to keep Monty, with a little spending money left over for himself." (pg.7)
"Nor did he hear the thump of a well brushed tail on the hard kitchen floor as he spoke the name Monty in a voice filled with love." (pg.7)
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