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Psychics: Real or Fake?

No description

Jane Sarah

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Psychics: Real or Fake?

Psychics: Real or Fake?
What are Psychics?
Do you think that psychics are real, or fake?
Science perhaps proves “psychic” abilities are real:
Synesthesia is a gift to certain people:
Psychics are people who claim to have a supernatural ability to get information beyond the normal five senses. Psychics go outside the natural law of physics, for these phenomenon’s are unexplainable. A Psychic can have many ability: the ability to look into the future, talk to the dead, to sense peoples auras, and what they are feeling, and many other "powers".No one can explain how this works, or why.
Most common ability's that psychics claim to have:
Clairvoyance (Aura Reading): A person ‘sees’ colors around a human/animal that shows how they are feeling or how there life is, depending on the color.
Telepathy: Someone lets out invisible energy to read another person’s mind and get information.
Spiritual Healing: It is the belief that a certain person could channel their energy, their psychic ability into heeling a wounded person without touching him/her.
Talking to the dead: It is believed that when a person passes on, their spirit could still be staying in the "human world", a person with this ability can see them, hear them, and communicate with them.
There are many people in this world who believe that psychics are real, and that they actually have real powers. There are also many people who believe that psychics are fakers, and that are just acting to mess with your head. Which are you? For: Raise your hand against keep it down.
A scientific study that was done can maybe prove that psychic abilities are real. A rare brain disorder called synesthesia was discovered to maybe have an impact on the idea of the powers of a psychic. This leads researchers to believe that certain ability’s such as auras (clairvoyance) and the ability to feel another person’s feelings can be real. People with synesthesia, it gives them the ability to “hear” colors, or to “see” smells, or to “feel" other people’s feelings. Speaking metaphorically, the wires in these peoples brains are tangled, and they overlap eachother.Their brain does not work the same way as ours does and they see the world from a complete different perspective. This often leads them into insanity.
People with synesthesia who do not go insane, with the right therapy can be taught to see the world in a different way. It is a very rare disease, but those who do not go insane are one of our greatest artistes in the world. Wolfgang Mozart, Billy Joel, and Lady Gaga all see/saw sounds as colors, and they are all successful musicians.
In this video by ABC called "Randi & Banachek’s Test" This is about a bunch of physics being grouped together and tested, to see if they actually have psychic ability. If they get passed the tests they are rewarded with one million dollar. We are going to show you one of the 3 psychics being tested, and his name is Jesse Bravo. Jesse is a stockbroker during the day but a psychic at night. Jerseys test is to go through a bunch of envelopes and find the one dead famous persons picture in those number of envelopes.
Sarah's Beliefs
I do not believe psychics are real because it is so easy to make something seem like what they are saying is true. For example they could be "seeing" something from your past and ask you if a certain object like a drawing that might have meant allot to you but anyone can have a drawing or a painting from there past that meant something to you. In addition it is so easy to trick people in believing things when they are desperate for an answer.
Jane's Beliefs
I believe psychics are real because even many might be fake I believe that there are some real. There are fakers out in this world that do it for attention, I know that. But Sarah and I watched one episode of Long Island Medium and those things that went on in that show are unexplainable.
TV shows takes on the idea of psychics
Many TV shows have been created like Long Island Medium revolving around the idea of how psychics can be real.
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