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Portfolio Center

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of SOG

employer student single point of entry draftfcb david lewis mat rappaport
television department lyn pusztai
film department
christy lemaster
television department caroline cook juhlin toca kay hartmann
a&d department larry minsky
marketing communication dave gordon
marketing communication richard zeid
a&d department talent peg murphy
marketing communication kendra hay
arts management jennifer halperin
journalism marcia brenner
fiction writing career
empathy Portfolio Center

Web Agent 3,678 student users, 74 faculty users
key partners: Film & Video's Foundation Program, A+D BFA Review (Spring 2010), New Millennium Studies.
Kay Hartmann, Ann Gunkel, Larissa Mulholland, Ted Hardin, Paul Hettel, Larry Minsky
current status: integrates into Oasis.
assesment potential challenges needs Talent Pool ONE searchable database for:

Employers to search talent database for full-time or part-time employees and/or interns

Anyone looking to purchase artwork

Artists have the opportunity to show their work that is for sale through ShopColumbia, as well as link to ShopColumbia’s site

Students to find internships, employment, and freelance opportunities

Students to find other students for collaboration

Internal uses to track students and alumni employment, career highlights, awards, etc. (pr/marketing)

Raising public awareness of the college (recruiting) ...Next 2009 portfolio production production services engage our most deeply skilled designers, photographers and web developers and give them much needed real world client experience... while fostering a climate of collaboration sessions our career / Body Of Work centered presentations have expanded to include much deeper partnerships with departments, student groups, and outside professional associations. Including the Grammys, ASMP, APA, AIGA, CAC. industry night In 2008 Industry Night drew 300 students and close to 500 professionals, by 2009 750 students met with close to 600 industry guests across 17 portfolio centered receptions
3280 students

5255 students
129 class presentations
55 events on campus
100 professionals

including Industry Night the center
has worked with over
9,235 students in 2009 alone. Disney, eBay, Herman Miller, HP, Motorola and Toyota Boeing, KFC, Fisher, Kraft, Taco Bell, SC Johnson, Pfizer visualize build present portfolio prep
career field trips
web based resources
BOW presentations graphic design assistance
photo documentation
web production portfolio reviews
networking events
portfolio / career lectures
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