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The French & Indian War

No description

Gene Monahan

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of The French & Indian War

It Starts Here
Forts, Attacks, & More
Fort Necessity was built quickly to keep maps and important papers dry, as well as George Washington. The fort was built near a French fort called Fort Duquesne. The British planned an attack, but the French found out and cleverly burned their for to the ground.

The Treaty States The End
The Treaty of Paris was a document stating the end of the war. It had stated that Britain had won. It gave Britain most of Canada, as well almost all of France's land.

Natives & British & Troubles, Oh My !
Though the war was over, the troubles for colonists were far from over. Colonists had now taken over the land, meaning they wanted the Natives to leave. The Natives protested, wanting to keep their homes. This leads to one, bad thing. The war is over, but the fighting continues. A chief named Pontiac started a resistance, which lead to more fighting.

He Ordered, He Stopped....... He Failed
King George III tried to end the fighting. He made a proclamation stating that all land west of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to the Native Americans. However, it was ignored and the fighting continued. The colonists disliked the British telling them what to do.

The Alliances That Were Made
Native Americans were neutrals. They had teamed up with both the French and British. However, the majority of the Natives teamed up with the French.

The French & Indian War
The French moved into land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The British settlers (east) wanted the land.(west)

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