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Freaks and Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome

No description

Emily Williams

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Freaks and Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome

By Luke Jackson Freaks, Geeks & Asperger's Syndrome Emily Williams
Shannon Jones
Meredith Hertel
Rachael Cohen
Steve Dingus
Mary Allin
& Danielle Laundon Luke is 13 years old, and living in the UK.

He has "what some would call a disability, but [he] call[s] a gift--Asperger's Syndrome (AS)."

This is Luke's second book

By writing this book, he hopes to help adolescents with AS, parents of kids with AS, and others who do not have AS.

He loves idioms and computers
About Luke: Asperger's Syndrome is considered to be on the high-functioning end of the autistic spectrum.

It is characterized by difficulties with social interaction as well as repetitive behaviors and interests

There is no known cause, but it is thought to be genetic. General Information about AS Children with AS often have special interests that can borderline on obsessions.
AS people can talk about their "favorite topic" almost endlessly, and Luke says he often feels furious when he has to stop talking about it. (His obsession is computers)
According to Luke, he can spend hours thinking/daydreaming about computers, causing him to tune out anything else that is happening.
This aspect of AS also causes children to be overly attached to odd things such as shoelaces or batteries.
He had to be weened off of some of these things much like babies with pacifiers. Living with AS:
Fixations/Fascinations Freaks and Geeks and Asperger's Syndrome could be used in a classroom probably starting in the 6th grade. Student's could create their own how-to guide or just be encouraged to be mindful of those who are different than yourself. Classroom Use: Traits:

AS children have a tendency to want to be alone.
"Billy No Mates" Living with AS: Socializing Albert Einstein is believed to have had AS Problems with School:
Sound sensitivity

Task analysis

Forgetting things


Being slower than everyone else

Lack of routine

Working in groups Living with AS: School Many children on the autistic spectrum have sensory issues.

Ben with paint, playdough, or sand. Luke, age 13 Family Tree: Understanding dialect is very difficult for AS children

Be explicit about rules

Metaphors, figures of speech, and sarcasm are unidentifiable.
School teacher story Language and Learning Hyperlexia (learning to read without being taught).

Dyslexia (impairs a person's reading fluency or comprehension).

Dyspraxia (problems with movement and coordination, also known as Motor Learning Disability)
Using a computer is helpful because AS children have a hard time writing physically.
This disability is common with AS children, so PE teacher's should also be aware of it. Reading/Writing: "If someone is telling you to do something you really do not want to do, or something that is going to get you in trouble or harm you in some way."

Teacher Bullying

As Children have trouble recognizing sarcasm or judging other's intentions/attitudes.
Bullying Living with AS:
Sense and Sensibilities Matthew Richard, age 18
Dyslexic and Dyspraxic
Wants to join Marines Rachel Louise, age 16
Popular and sociable
wants to be a singer Sarah Elizabeth, age 14
Very quiet
Brilliant dancer Anna Rebekah, age 11
Talented poet
A little mother to Ben Ben Curtis, age 5
Has autism and other health impairments
Joseph David, age 8
Hilarious with a wild imagination While Luke has AS, Ben has a more severe form of Autism.

Ben was born early with a brain hemorrhage, which causes his muscles to spasm.

He has extreme difficulty with sensory stimuli, for example, many noises are too loud for him and he has to have all the tags cut out of his shirts

He has trouble understanding others, but is very good at Play Station! More about Ben: AS children have difficulty understanding social cues such as:
Standing too close to people
carrying on conversations that others are not interested in
following others around Taekwondo "It's like beginning a game without knowing any rules or passwords."--Luke Pressure:
According to Luke, many AS children find objects that will make them feel more secure.
Luke's balaclava
Ben likes to wear earmuffs/goggles. He will not sleep without them. Vision/Hearing:
Some people with AS have trouble with perception/balance rather than actual visual problems
Ben at the movies, loud noises, echoing, swinging. Taste/Smell:
Taste buds are often over/underdeveloped in AS people
Strong smells Luke's Diet: Gluten and casein are proteins found in grains and some dairy products.

There is a theory that those with autism have a harder time breaking down these proteins, causing peptides to leak in the blood stream.

The way that they break down has the potential to cause an addictive effect on the body. By removing them, you remove the addiction.

Luke's other book is written on how removing gluten, casein, aspartame, and monosodium glutamate from his diet has changed his (and his family's) life.
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