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First Day Introductions

Art class expectations for work time, procedures, and safety procedures.

Sue Grumann

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of First Day Introductions

Welcome to art!
A little about me. My name is Sue Grumann.
You can call me Mrs. Grumann or Mrs. G.
I have been teaching art for 28 years. (So it is my 29th year. Over a quarter of a century!) I have taught both elementary art and middle school art. I have a masters degree in adaptive art (working with kids with disabilities). Oh yeah, I also love to play chess:)
I grew up in Green Bay with 6 older brothers and one older sister (yes, I am the baby in the family, but I am NOT spoiled). I love what I do for a living, because I get to work with awesome kids and I get to do art all day. Each day is unique and interesting!
Today we will be learning my expectations for art class, art class procedures, safety information and reviewing the PBIS expectations.
Art Class Rules:
Respect yourself and others.
Keep it positive. If you are kind to others they will be kind to you.
Be in class on time.
Repeated tardiness leads to lunch detentions.
Use art materials responsibly.
If you abuse them, you wont use them. We need things to last for a long time.
No saying "I can't."
Those who say "I can't" are choosing to fail. Keep trying and you will eventually be successful. Once again, keep it positive.
Academic Expectations:
(Your responsibilities)
Do your own work, so
can grow as an artist.
Complete all assignments.
Turn in assignments on time.
Do your work to the best of
your ability.
Procedures for art class:
Be seated in art class.
(Look to the board to see if you need to get out your portfolio).
Bring a pencil to art class
, it's art class...we draw here:)
Raise your hand to ask and answer questions.
This shows respect for others.
Clean up when I tell you to, not before I tell you to.
Don't waste your art time. It's precious.
Leave when I dismiss you, not when the bell rings.
Everyone needs to be cleaned up before I dismiss your class.
Safety procedures:
-go out the door, turn right, turn right at the first hall and exit out door 13.
-go out the door, turn right, enter room 160 (choir room) and assume the tornado position.
Lock down
- level 1: keep working, level 2: keep working, level 3: clear your tables and enter the storage room (first choice), clay room or sit by the front wall (
where you are not in the line of sight from anyone looking through the hall window
ALICE - our course of action will be determined by the information we receive via the PA system and observation of what is going on.
PBIS Expectations: The Raptor Way.
All of the above are intertwined. If you are being safe, you are likely being both responsible and respectful. Just use your common sense.
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