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Andy Warhol

What makes Andy Warhol a mover and shaker.

Stacey Smith

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Andy Warhol

ANDY WARHOL A MOVER AND SHAKER His Birth August 6, 1928 Born: Real Name: Andrej Varhola, Jr.
(Andrew Warhola ) Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Descent: Carpatho-Rusyn Early Years Holmes School Religion: Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian Catholic) Public School: Studied Art At: Carnegie Institute of Technology Found A Love Of Art: At Age Eight Photography: Got His First Camera at Age 9 ArtISTIC CAreer:
1949 - 1960 Graduated: In 1949, with a Bachelor of Fine
Arts Degree Early Career: Moved To: New York City Free-lance Commercial Artist Name Change: Dropped The Letter 'A' On Warhola First Solo Exhibit: "Andy Warhol: Fifteen Drawings Based on the Writings of Truman Capote" High School: Took Free Art Lessons: Schenley High School Carnegie Institute ARTISTIC CAreer:
POP ART 1961: Pop Art Debut 1962: Campbell's soup cans 1964: "The Factory" Famous Subject Matter: Coca~Cola bottles, Marilyn Monroe,
Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger &
Elvis Presley Other Artistic Mediums Death Other FActs Connection To Romanticism non-conformity creativity intense emotion sublime creative expression heroic isolation of the passionate artist Contrast To Romanticism Did not look at life in the country Attempted Murder "Art is anything you can get away with" ~ ANDY WARHOL Did not look inward Died: February 22, 1987 (58 years old) Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrhythmia Place of Death: New York City, U.S. Buried: St. John the Baptist Byzantine
Catholic Cemetery Created a Magazine Film: Print: Authored Several Books Directed 87 Films 1974: Started Creating Time Capsules Television: Two Shows Were Broadcasted 1970 - 1987 1984: Briefly Abandoned the Silkscreen Method Created many paintings, prints, photographs, and drawings during this time 1987: Opened His Final Two Exhibits Top Left: Andy Warhol about the age of 3, with his mother Julia and brother John, 1932

Top Right: Homeroom picture of Andy Warhol's class at Schenley High School, 1944-1945 Below: "Dead Stop", ca. 1954 Middle: Female Fashion Figure, 1950s Above: Lips (Stamped), 1950s Bottom Left: Shoe, 1950s Top Left: Female Head, 1950s Middle: Illustration on tearsheet for Success is a Job in New York from What is Success, Glamour Magazine, September 1949 Top Right: Advertisement by Andy Warhol for Schiaparelli gloves Middle Right: 3-D Vacuum, 1961 Bottom: Campbell's Soup
Cans, 1962 Middle Left: Cow, 1966 Top Left: Four Marilyns, 1962 Left: The Last Supper, 1986 Right: Some of Andy Warhol's Time Capsules Works Cited Legacy Founded the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Sculpting: E.g. Brillo and Heinz Ketchup Cultural Icon Inspiration to New Artists Modern Way of Thinking About Art "Andy Warhol." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 25 May 2013. Web. 12 May 2013.

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