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The Life of Buddha

Buddha's life in three parts: before enlightenment, obtaining enlightenment, and after enlightenment.

Beth Dietzen

on 5 November 2010

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Transcript of The Life of Buddha

Buddha Before Enlightenment Obtaining enlightenment After Enlightenment Gautama was born in the sixteenth century B.C.E. His family was powerful and his father was the ruler of a small kingdom. His father kept him in the kingdom, trying to prevent him from being an ascetic. Gautama became a husband and a father. Gautama left the kingdom for the first time when he was 29 years old. This was the first time he witnessed illness, old age, and death. He left the palace to achieve true liberation. Buddha became an ascetic and put himself through physical discipline. He sat under a Bodhi tree and wouldn't move until he became enlightened. On the seventh day, he reached true liberation. Buddha said all people achieve enlightenment, but some people don't know it. Gautama became Buddha meaning the enlightened one. Buddha saw some ascetic people and told them about his liberation. They were hesitant to believe him. Soon after, the people understood his ideas and followed him. This is when Buddha started teaching people about Buddhism.
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