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Octavio Paz:

No description

Brian Caro

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Octavio Paz:

Octavio Paz:
A Poet

Was influenced by D.H. Lawrence
Was influenced by many of his grandparents' books, due to his granddad's massive library.
He wrote about everything from social and political struggles to time and eroticism.
He and his parents were involved in the revolutionary movement.
Wrote about the national struggles with Mexico's identity.
Became a part of the Republican side in the Mexican government.
Wrote 'Vuelta', then 'Plural'.
Born March 31, 1914
Died April 19, 1998 of Cancer
Translated into world's top 6 languages.
Was part of Second Continental Congress of Anti-Fascist Writers
The Bridge
Between now and now,
between i am and you are,
the word bridge.

entering it
you enter yourself:
the world connects
and closes like a ring.

From one bank to another,
there is always
a body stretched:
a rainbow.
I’ll sleep beneath its arches.

Nobel Peace Prize Award Winner
Jerusalem Prize for Individual Freedom
Mexican National Literature Prize
Title: My original impression of the poem based on the title is that there is a bridge that symbolizes something important in Paz’s life that he has expressed his respect and analytic representation of this bridge.
Paraphrase: 1st Stanza: The thing that connects you and me is communication.
2nd Stanza: By communicating, you connect deep within yourself, and it’s what connects the world.
3rd Stanza: Communication is always the primary connecting point between any two things, and it is the best way to connect to anything. It is what we should realize, and it’s what i choose.
Connotation: Bridge: (Connotation) a raised platform connecting two structures (Denotation) a way or means of connecting to one another. Bank: (Connotation) word used for the slopes bordering a river (Denotation) represent two points or things that are separated but can be connected. Word: (Connotation) a unit of language (Denotation) communication itself. Rainbow (Connotation) a bow or arc of prismatic colors (Denotation) a visual representation of communication and how it is a shining path to connect two things. Ring (Connotation) a typically circular band of metal or other durable material (Denotation) a global perspective of the path in which everyone connects around the world.
Attitude: The tone is one of peaceful and unity, because all it talks about in the poem is how everything is connected through communication, and communication itself connects the world. It speaks this in a passionate yet pleasant way. Ex:”From one bank to another, there is always a body stretched: a rainbow. I’ll sleep beneath its arches.”
Shift: The poem never truly shifts to different tones, as the message/theme and style of saying it is the same way and the attitude is repeated in each stanza of the poem. Although, there is a shift in imagery and its representation. In the last stanza instead of using different representations to symbolize communication and its impact as a way of connection, he also says “I’ll sleep beneath its arches”, meaning that he chooses and believes in communication as the key. So in the last stanza, it shifts from emphasis on unification to a claim of satisfaction and decision.
Title: Paz is talking about how communication acts as a bridge, in the way it is used to connect two different things together.
Theme: The theme is communication is a bridge of connection for the world. Another possible, but subtle theme is that communication is a connection of yourself, as the way you communicate is a characterization of you and is used to further understand yourself and achieve self-realization.

Octavio Paz describes communication as the connection, the 'bridge' if you will, between everyone and everything.
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