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No description

Seth Hades

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Gangs

Gangs Common behavior Types of gangs History of gangs Notorious gangs Groups of 3 or more people
Anything against the law
Recruit young idoits Russian Mafia
Los Angleses has largest amount of gang members: over 12,000 people Gangs are usually filled with low-life 'nobodies' that are searching for confidence
Many of the gangs we know today originated from different groups of slaves working together to stay alive
Most gangs follow a policy of 'blood in-blood out' which means they have to spill someone's blood to enter, and then they're in until the death
The earliest gangs ever recorded exsisted in India at 1200AD, where they first classified gangs as gatherings of 'thugz' that went around the city terrorizing people and using hang signatures and their own language
Law Breakers
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