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The reason why authors use dialogue in their pieces of texts

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Surabi Ram

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of The reason why authors use dialogue in their pieces of texts

Dialogue is important because when you have dialogue it shows the character's personality, emotions, and actions. With dialogue you can show how the character is instead of describing how the character is.
Example: In the story A Retrieved Reformation at the very end of the story Ben Price talks like he doesn't know Jimmy Valentine because he understands that Jimmy has reformed.

Why do authors use dialogue?
Why is dialogue important?
The reason why authors use dialogue in their pieces of texts is to help the reader to get to know the character while also revealing the character's emotions and actions. But the main idea of using dialogue is to show reality such as a conversation between characters. Example: In the text a Retrieved Reformation the author, O. Henry, we learned that Jimmy Valentine was a successful criminal and took a new identity.

How does dialog impact the characters?
Dialogue affects the characters because they understand and connect with the other characters. Without dialogue in a book then no one will understand each other. Example: In the story A Retrieved Reformation Mike wouldn't be able to tell the governor to let Jimmy go. Also then Jimmy wouldn't know to help the girl that was trapped in the vault. Therefore dialogue is important and dialogue can affect more than just characters.

How dialogue impacts the plot?
The dialogue between characters will cause multiple emotions throughout the story. The emotions are portrayed throughout the dialogue.
Example: In the story A Retrieved Reformation one way that the dialogue impacted the plot is at the end of the story when Jimmy indirectly asked Ben Price if he is being taken away. It builds suspense at the of the story.
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