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Estados Financieros Consolidados y Separados

jennifer Niño

on 21 February 2016

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j. Complete the chart:
3. Answer the questions:
Recognition activity I
c. When is the deadline to do the inscription for the speaking assignment?
The details of Speaking Assigment will be on 4th april 2016.

a. Where can you find the Chat in this course?
f. Why is the internal mail of this course important? How many times do you consider you should check it?
RTA: Because it is the way to check important information sent by tutor. I consider should check each time I enter to the page of the course.

g. How many academic units does this course have? Name the topics in each.
RTA: It has two academic units

h. What do you do if…Electrical power stops while you are presenting a quiz or an “Error” screen appears at the end of any activity?
RTA: I can take and paste a screenshot, and send it to the tutor reporting the “Error” in the General Forum.

Paste a screenshot of your updated profile:
I consider to learn English because it can open better opportunities of jobs and when I visit other countries I will be speak to people. Sincery I don´t have a technique to learn, I only study English in this course and I use translator by internet.
How can you apply the English Language in your career? Give a specific example.
1 and 2. Complete the chart (Links and Environments)
b. What are the steps to perform the Speaking Assignment?
• Participate in the Forum
• Your tutor will send you a link where you have to make a registration.
• You can choose the day and time you want.
• The day you choose, connect at least 5 minutes before and write to your tutor.
• Present your interview.
• Remember that you will need a Skype account , microphone, headphones and camera

e. Where is the internal mail of this course?
Answer the following questions by completing the chart:
Taking into account that English is a global language, why do you consider you should learn English?, What is your technique to learn this international language?
In my career I can apply the english maybe have better work relationships, and find better opportunities.
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