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Bridge Building

By: Manpreet and maggie

manpreet hayden

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Bridge Building

We had used four main materials that had helped us by holding weight. The three materials we used were:
.Popsicle sticks

We had used these because Popsicle sticks are strong enough to hold weight and to support it. We had put in toothpicks inside of the popsicle sticks , inside the trusses to make it stronger. Straws, for the top so that it can stretch (bend), so that the bridge does not break. Lastly, carboard in the middle of the bridge to hold everything together, inside is popsicle sticks to support the carboard.

our bridge holds three-four textbooks (dictionary) and is heavy enough for the earth quake stimulator and the fan test . The bridge did not break when we put the text books on , did not shake when the text books were thrown next to the bridge ,and the bridge did not move when the wind was blown toward the bridge .
Bridge Building
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Today we will be testing and explaining our bridge .
Main features and how they work
1. trusses - the trusses help to hold the weight from the text books. It does this by supporting the top.
2. Beams - the beams help in two spots . The top, to hold the platform, and the bottom to give weight and hold the structure up.
3. bridge /laneway - the laneway is what connects the trusses to the beams in the bottom. It also has popsicle sticks in the middle for exta support.
What we used to make the bridge!
overall bridge
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