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My Diary

No description

J-JFor-Ever Love

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of My Diary

My Diary
Dear Diary
Its hard being the heart. Its hard because all I do is pump blood to basically every organ in this girls body. I do this every second,minute, and hour of the day I wish I was like Lena the liver because she gets a break as well as her other comity crew. Being the heart is hard, tiring, and exusting. When will this situation end?!
xoxo HEART
Dear Dairy
Well today I was able to focus on two things at once. YAH ME! Well today I'd came to realize that my job, I like so much. One thing that I had put on top of my list is that I am the organ that is mostly in charge of keeping the body and the systems working. For example if it wasn't for me Halley the heart this body would be doomed " literally ".
xoxo HEART
Dear Dairy
Hi. Its me again. Well today I had a fight; not a fist fight because I don't have any . But back to my situation, the argument I just had was with my real friend. Vanessa the Vane. I was dozing off so of course my blood was not pumping fast or as much as it should have been to her vanes. So she felt that it was her fault that the body was about to die before I came back to reality. At the end of her day, because I never stop shes still going to be my BFFL aka best friend for life because I work with her and I have known Vanessa for twenty-five years. I hope we'll make up or what else would I do?
xoxo HEART
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