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John Burgoyne

No description

Bridget Houghtelin

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of John Burgoyne

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John Burgoyne
His role
He was a brittish army general.
Family life
His parents were Anna and John Burgoyne.His wife was Charlotte Stanley and his son was John Fox Burgoyne.
Character trait
He was brave because he was an army general.If you weren't brave,you would not be an army general.
What side he was on
He was a loyalist.
more pictures
even more pictures
life after the revo- lution
He resigned from his job as a soldier after Saratoga and became a writer.He wrote plays and books until death.
Here are
some extra assets :
Why he was famous
John Burgoyne was known for getting defeated at the battle of Saratoga.He was also a famous writer.
Army general and writer
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