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American Revolution


on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of American Revolution

The Revolutionary American Revolution
The American Revolutionary war started on 1775 and ended on 1783. This conflict was between the 13 American Colonies and Great Britain. The conflicts between these two started when Britain started taxing the American colonies.
The Revolutionary War
The American Revolution was truly revolutionary in three types of ways. Economic, political, and social changes happen after the American Revolutionary war.
A big difference in politics happen after the American Revolution. There was no more absolute monarchs ruling the 13 American colonies. The American Revolution created a new democratic nation. The Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal," and that the government derives its power from the "consent of the governed". This means that we the people have the power to chose what laws we want and how we want to be ruled.
The economy also changed after the American Revolution. As many as half of all white men fighting age served in the Continental Army or a state militia during the war; less then 15% of these soldiers died or were seriously wounded affecting the economy of the households. Many of American civilians also suffered the loss of possessions, homes, and love ones. Lots of women were left widowed and without their partner they had less money for them and their children. The war had emptied out the people and businesses from the port cities , where the colonial economy had been the strongest. Then thousands of loyalists took of which were the wealthiest American citizens.
Social changes also happen after the American Revolution. Women were positively changed because of the American Revolution. They obtained more rights; property rights moved within reach. Women were granted more than they ever had. Women, like Abigail Adams, hoped to have men remember that they had talents and abilities beyond those of a housekeeper. In addition to women, the lives of slaves were affected by the Revolution. When many slaves enlisted in the Continental Army, slaves in the north were liberated; however, the south viewed slaves as a necessity to benefit the economy and were not so generous in freeing slaves.

American Revolution and French Revolution
The American Revolution and the French Revolution both have similarities and differences. These two revolutions were fighting for a good cause.

The American Revolution was different from the French Revolution in some ways. The American Revolution was fought between the 13 British colonies in North America and Great Britain. The American Revolution was a revolt of colonies against an oversea king. There was also a great number of loyalist because they benefited from the the great amount of favor they received from the British government.

The French Revolution is also different to the American Revolution in some ways. The French Revolution was a major transformation of the society and political system of France. The French Revolution was a revolt of the lower classes within their own country.In France, the essential motive of the revolution was a stratification transformation of the society because "the third estate" saw the clergy and the nobles as social parasites.

There is also similarities between these two revolutions. Both the American and French Revolution were the products of the Enlightenment ideas of natural rights and equality. Both of these revolution also wanted to free them self from absolute monarchs. Both also suffered social and economic hardships that led to the realization that something must be done to topple the hierarchy and put power back into the hands of the people.
Social Changes

Women got more rights after the American Revolution. With the American Revolution came an entirely new perspective of female ability. An entire political world was opened up to the female population education became more common for the group of white middle class women. Although women's legal rights were still little , it was becoming more evident that they were capable of more than what was previously believed.
Social Changes
African Americans got something out of the American Revolution. African-Americans served as soldiers, guides, messengers and spies for both, the Continental and British armies. They proved to be honest and brave soldiers, despite many misgivings on the part of the predominantly white southern states, such as arming slaves with weapons and granting them freedom in exchange for military service. African Americans in the north got freedom for serving in the militia.

Political Changes
The Declaration of Independence affects the American Revolution politically. The Declaration of Independence offered independence from Britain so they can developed their own country. The Declaration of Independence also lead to equality among all men. In conclusion the Declaration of Independence as you can see has left a big impact in political values.
Political Changes
No Absolute Monarchs
After the American Revolution their is no more absolute rules. The American Revolution in fact did create a new democratic nation. Instead of having one person ruling over the nation its a country with a government that has been elected freely and equally by all its citizens. This is very important because it took all the power from the tyrant rulers and gave the power to the people.
African Americans
Declaration of Independence
Political Changes

U.S Constitution
The Constitution created a federal system in which power would be shared between the national government and the state government. The first branch was the executive branch, with a president serving as the chief executive. The legislative branch of government had two houses a Senate and a House. The third branch, judiciary is made up of the Supreme Court . This is important because everyone shares the power and no one has more power than the other.
Economic Change

Colonial Economy
The economy went bad after the American Revolution. The war had emptied out the people and their businesses from the port cities. Before the war, American businesses and farmers had guaranteed buyers in England and the colonies those markets were now closed. This shows how separating from Britain made both the 13 colonies and Britain lost lots of money .

The English Bill of Rights
Political Changes
The Bill of Rights is the ten amendments that the states approved. These amendments guaranteed freedom of religion,speech,press,petition , and assembly. The Bill of Rights lays out numbers of rights consider absolute to Americans. This document is very important because it gives us certain rights that can't be taken away.

American Revolution
:Leobardo Nuno
Joel Moran
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