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Spin,Love, On The Rainy River

No description

ayoola sobowale

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Spin,Love, On The Rainy River

In the novel, The Things They Carried by Tim O’brien, O’Brien highlights that ones peace can only be found by letting go what life throws at them
Spin,Love, On The Rainy River
Gizelle , Nyla, Isabella , & Ayo-ola
Discussion Question
Answers Question 1
Question 2
Passage #1
“on occasions, the war was like a ping pong ball. you could put a fancy spin on it, you could make it dance.” (O’Brien, 31)
Does war conquer peace or temporary happiness?
What is love?And is love a killer or savior?
literary devices:
visual imagery,simile, personification and symbolism
thematic statement:
O’Brian depicts that the war is unpredictable and that depending on how you look at it, it can be somewhat enjoyable.
War does not conquer peace it is just something that brings two enemies to term. Not use/show their weapons.
What is love?And is love a killer or savior?

Love is something that drives an individual to be better. It makes them smile and even their hearts smile.

Love is a killer. It makes mankind tempt to do anything negative or positive to keep the feeling. it is like a drug and there's no rehab for it.

Does war conquer peace or temporary happiness?
Major character

Tim O’brien: the beginning of this chapter focuses on Tim’s fear of going to war. he uses words and phrases in this chapter as if he’s saying that he doesn't belong in the war and that its not for him. O’brien displays his frustrations by saying “I was too good for this war” (O’Brien, 39). By saying this, Tim’s skin is being peeled off layer by layer and on the inside he feels extremely fearful to go to war but covers it up with angry words like “I hated camping out. I hated dirt, tents and mosquitoes” (O’Brien,39)

Minor Character
Elroy Berdahl. His function in the text is to guide Tim O’Brien in making the right decision on whether or not he should go to the war. “... At some point we must’ve passed into Canadian waters, across that dotted lines between two different worlds, and I looked up and watched the far shore come at me… Elroy cut the engine, letting the boat fishtail lightly about twenty yards off shore.” ( O’Brien,53.) This passage shows the actions that Elroy takes into helping Tim make a decision on his own. By stopping the boat close to the shoreline, it would be the perfect escape for Tim. It allows him to have time to think of the negatives and the positives of both instances. Elroy helps extend the plot by allowing Tim to make his crucial decision on his own, to go to war, which allows Tim to go and make new memories and lifelong friends. He also enhances the theme that war does not conquer peace by allowing Tim to make his personal decision, not forcing him, not turning him in and by doing this he is not destroying Tims peace.

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