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Concept of Being

Presentation in Philosophy IBS 4th year P. Strekha D. Gaitanov A. Smogorzhevskiy U. Apakidze

Paul Smith

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Concept of Being

Concept of Being Being according to Greeks sonic single, permanent, unchanging, fundamental reality

the inconstant flux and variety of visible thing

the repository of all the concepts that can be thought up to characterize the idealized opposite of what we see around us
'orousia' What stuff is reality made of? Air Fire Water Being Being, then, is the fundamental and ultimate element of reality. 'To Be' vs. 'Being' verb noun
? Look Around Concept of Being According to Heideger 1. What sort of word is this anyway --Being -- as regards its formal character as a word?
2. What does linguistics tell us about the originary meaning of this word?
To put this in scholarly terms, we are asking 1) about the grammar and 2) about the etymology of the word Being. Onoma & Rhema Thank You For 'being' such a nice audience
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