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Secrets of the Fitness Industry

No description

Alex Brugger

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Secrets of the Fitness Industry

Secrets of the Fitness Industry
Why lie to the public about steroids?

Have you ever looked at the cover of a men's fitness magazine and been
blown away by the amount of muscle the guy posing on the cover has?
The magazine advertises you can look this way if you buy our magazine and follow our program inside endorsed by which ever fitness pro but in reality there's a lot going on in the fitness industry that is hidden away
from public knowledge.
Anabolic Steroids
The use of anabolic steroids in the sport of bodybuilding has been a huge impact to the sport and is very common within the industry.
Steroids are easily accessible online and cheap to buy.
Most fitness models will claim they are natural when they are asked about anabolic steroids
In reality 90% of fitness models that compete use anabolic steroids.

Simply because they can.
Guys like Ryan Hughes, Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, and Mark Anthony all claim natural but have a history of performance enhancing drugs.
Do people actually believe the lies?
Of course they do because these fitness models state that they are 100 % natural and guys more like Mr. Olympia (Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman) are the product of steroids but in reality fitness models are just as guilty.

The excuse

Like anyone who doesn't want to be acused of something illegal fitness models have a number of excuses to why they are natural. Mainly the comparison excuse.
Really you could easily pick out Jay
Cutler for doing steroids.
However, both are guilty.
The general public usually thinks that everyone on steroids will become some sort of monster.
There are many types of steroids to 'sculpt whatever physique you are aiming for.
'It's the edge of the sport'
As Jay Cutler has said before steroids are the edge of the sport of bodybuilding.
So athletes feel inclined to do steroids or they will not 'make the cut'.
There still are 'natural bodybuilders' and physique competitors but this number is very limited.
Not all steroids are the same.
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