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Renovations to Madison Campus

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Transcript of Renovations to Madison Campus

Renovations to Madison Campus

Steering Committee Participants:
Facility Master Plan, Created July 2013
Efficiency of operations
Physical access and wayfinding
Multi-functional use of space
Maintenance schedules and useful life of building systems

Strategic Projects & Improvements
1. Mechanical efficiency
2. Multi-function space
3. Entrances and public spaces
4. Parking
5. Operational flow elements
Strategic Projects & Improvements
Four projects completed during
Four larger projects recommended for
1. Repurposing the Ruth Solie dining room and adjacent kitchen
2. Improving building access for ambulances and funeral homes
while providing privacy during processionals
3. Creating a single main entrance and lobby
4. Improving wayfinding with signage and color schemes
2014 or 2015:
1. Improvements to air handling systems
2. Installing energy management controls
3. Remediating roofing issues
4. Improving IT closets
Ruth Solie Dining Room & Kitchen
Outmoded Skills Lab
Training needs are outpacing the functionality of our current Skills Lab.
15 – 20 person skills lab

Conference and computer training room
Project underway.
Demolition will begin in March.
Project costs included in 2014 capital budget.
Improving Building Access for Ambulances & Funeral Homes
Patients are regularly exposed to weather when arriving via ambulance.
During a processional, there's no privacy for family near the waiting funeral home vehicle.
Agrace’s two main entrances can be confusing for visitors.
Project beginning in Q2.
Cost estimates included in 2014 capital budget.
Current courtyard becomes a driveway.
New overhang will protect processionals from the elements.
Anderson entrance used mainly for admissions; visitors rerouted to Johnson entrance.
Anderson reception desk removed and space changed to visitor seating.

Johnson entrance becomes main entrance to reduce confusion for visitors and improve security.
Create a covered drop–off area for visitors and new residential patients.
Enhance Johnson reception desk.
A Single Main Entrance
Creating a Main Entrance
Project is in design phase.
Project could begin in Q2 or Q3.

Project slated for 2014 and 2015.
Costs will be modest for painting and improved signage.
Improved Wayfinding
Estimated Costs
Repurposing the Ruth Solie Dining Room and kitchen

Improving building access
for ambulances and funeral homes while adding privacy
for processionals

Creating a single main entrance and lobby

Improving wayfinding

included in 2014 budget
included in 2014 budget
4 – 6 months to complete
yet to determine funding source
Minor costs; part of normal maintenance budget
HVAC system is beyond its useful life = insufficient temperature control.
Dining room configuration is not ideal for multi-functional use.
Kitchen not functional (appliances were sold).
Narrated by Lynne Myers, President & CEO
Agrace Leaders
Findorff (contractor)
Changes Happening Now to Ruth Solie Area
Changes Happening Soon
8 – 9 months to complete
2 – 3 months to complete
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