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Bucket List

No description

murshed ahmed

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Bucket List

Step I
The first step for getting to medical school is graduating from high school with a diploma and university with either a bachelor, masters, or PhD (3 plus years in any field of science). This can be accomplished by working hard to graduate with good grades and a list of extracurricular activities. Also your GPA must be at least a 3.0
The multitude of requirements include the following...

1) Passing the TOEFL (tests english profecincy)
2)Passing CASPer test (tests personal and professional characteristics of a person)
3) Passing MCAT (test medical knowledge gained through the last few years) *For UofM M.D. program, the score average is 516*
4)Letters of recommendations
5)List of hands on experience on resume.
6) Fillin out application and getting accepted

This concludes the requirements on getting into medical school
Medical school is a four year learning environment. To pass medical school and get into a residency program, there are tests that you must pass in order to graduate. After your first two years you will take the Step 1 of USLME, which will test on application of medical knowledge to medicine. At the end of your 4th year you will be tested on Step 2 of USLME which will measure medical knowledge and diagnostics and clinical skills. After passing both you would have successfully graduated medical school. The more better you do the ore residency programs would be available to you.
Bucket List
Getting into Medical School/ Graduating
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