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Alexander the Great Presentation

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Sarah Riley

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Alexander the Great Presentation

Powerful Ruler Alexander the Great REGENCY General Family Split Born: 356 BC in Pella Macedonian Capitol
Mother: Olympia
Father: King Phillip II
Tutored by Aristotle from age 14-16: literature, science, medicine,philosophy, and rhetoric Became a regent at age 16 appointed by his father to rule until he came back from war.
Father left to conquer Thrace. Rebels of Thrace tried to take over Macedonia. Alexander raised up an army and defeated them. He took over their city and named it Alexandropolis. At age 18 he was given a senior position among the generals of Macedonia. At this time Macedonia was going to go take over the Greeks. People say that they won and took over the Greeks because of Alexander's bravery. Family split apart after father married another women Alexander and this man had a fight
His mother fled to Epirus
Alexander later returned but still felt isolated
Pausanias-killed Philip II at his wedding After his father’s death Alexander had to
go and restore order around his nation
Killing enemies
Rebels wanting freedom
Took Greece over in two swift swoops Restoration Early Life It was said the man who undid
the Gordian Knot
would take over the world
Alexander slashed it with
his sword and unraveled it Gordian Knot Egypt Alexandria
Alexander said to be son of Zeus Ammon Darius assassinated by Bessus Macedonians not happy

Bucephalus Alexander’s horse
died in the march on India
the city is named after horse
Alexander road him
in every one of his battles Darius Orientalization Death Died at age 33 in 323 BC after drinking from a wine glass. Left no successors and wars broke out.
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