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Diagnostic Learning Log (DLL)

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Linda Fritzinger-Hearn

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Diagnostic Learning Log (DLL)

Diagnostic Learning Log (DLL)
The Art & Science of Teaching
Service Provision
My ideal role as a service provider is important for all of the stakeholders in this educational institution. Service is important to the students through enlightenment regarding the community and its needs. Faculty service role modeling allows the excitement, when students understand what experiential community service means to them. The University also benefits from having the community learn about Nova Southeastern University and what we offer them. As an RN for 30 years, service to the community is very important to me. I want to be there with the students for those teachable moments and to help them understand the art of nursing through community outreach while representing NSU.
Scholarship's Importance
Scholarship is also important for all stakeholders. Research helps professions grow in their knowledge. Students benefit from knowing their Professors are published or that they present their research at conferences. The University also benefits by having excellence in research which will attract educators and students that want to learn from the best within their field. Furthering knowledge through research in the nursing or education profession is an exciting prospect for me as a professor and a nurse educator.
To continue to develop my skills to become a great educator .
Teaching and Nursing both follow the concept of art and science. Science portrays its importance by teaching the concepts that need to be learned. The art of teaching is the ability to light that spark and have the students want to learn. Lifelong learning in nursing is vital, as educators, we need to encourage students to want to learn to develop skills and behaviors needed to provide quality patient care. I personally strive to be the best nursing educator possible.
Personal analysis
Teaching, Service, and Scholarship are the basis for a well rounded educator. These three building blocks allow educators to continue to develop their skills and become educators that are recognized for their quality teaching skills and integrity.
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