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Hobbit Plot Diagram

No description

Richard Garin

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Hobbit Plot Diagram

The Hobbit Plot Diagram Exposition Or There and Back Again Exposition We're set in the location of the Hobbit's home, one that isn't dirty or grimy, but very comfortable and cozy. The house has a perfectly round green door described like a porthole, with a shiny yellow brass door handle, in the exact middle. The door is round like a tube, kind of like a tunnel, which is very ideal for Hobbits. Every room imagined in a normal house, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, closet, etc., were on the same floor, in the same passage. The best rooms in this tunnel were on the left-hand side going in, where the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, can see his garden and the meadows. The Bagginses where a respectable hobbit clan because they've never gone on an adventure and usually stayed at the comfort of their home. Although, Bilbo had another side of him waiting to come out, this is the Tookish side that is passed down from his mother, Belladonna Took. Belladonna is one of the three daughters remarked for their adventures, so you can safely assume that no one related to the Took-clan are respected. Then we cue in Gandalf, a wizard responsible for many adventures. He has had business over the The Hill across The Water ever since they were small hobbit-boys and hobbit-girls. Now he has arrived back to The Hills too greet Bilbo an unexpected visit. Rising Action As Bilbo exits his house to enjoy the view of a perfect day, he notices an old man with a staff, long grey cloak, silver scarf, pointy blue hat, a long white beard that hung down below his waist, and black colossal boots. Bilbo hadn't realized that this was Gandalf, the one who brought adventures for the Old Took family. Although, Gandalf later reveals his identity to Bilbo and states his business is to find someone for an adventure he is arranging. Of course, Bilbo had told him there are no place for adventures in his quiet town of plain folk. Trying to avoid Gandalf, Bilbo reads his morning letters and tries to get him to go away. Gandalf doesn't budge. In fact, he is offended and assumes exactly what Bilbo wanted. Bilbo, not wanting to seem rude, denies this, invited Gandalf to have tea with him the next day, then hides inside his house. Gandalf felt pleased and left a sign on the green door and went off about his business. Rising Action The next day, Bilbo had started his day as usual, almost forgetting his tea date with Gandalf. Then, memories of yesterday returned at the sound of the ringing doorbell, yet it wasn't Gandalf. A dwarf with a blue beard tucked inside a golden belt with bright eyes under a dark-green hood. This one's name is Dwalin. There are eleven more dwarves and an important one to arrive at Bilbo's door. Their names are Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin. Gandalf arrives with the last 4 dwarves. The hobbit begins to serve the 12 dwarves, Thorin, and Gandalf with sweets, wine, beer, and most of what's in his food storage. Bilbo's purpose in this Company is to make an even number, which supposedly gives the party luck in their adventure. Climax When Bilbo awakens from his slumber, he has quickly assumed the Company had forgotten him and went on about his day. As timely as he can be, Gandalf arrives, questioning when Bilbo was ever going to decide to meet with the Company. Bilbo rushes out of his house with no time to gather the necessities and joins the Company at the Green Dragon inn, thus beginning their journey to Smaug. Falling Action The company started their adventure leaving the town of hobbits, where the feeling of life sprouted, many of little people and an inn or two. Afterward, they've met a dwarf or a farmer moseying along their business. Soon they arrived in lands where people spoke in indistinct languages and sang songs unheard of by Bilbo. Finally, they've reached the Lone-lands, where there's no people, no inns, and the roads had become less noticeable and more bumpy. Rising Action After Leaving the nest of the Lord of the Eagles, Gandalf, Bilbo, and Company found a great wooden house owned by a half-man, half-bear creature. Gandalf decides to have the dwarves, Bilbo and Thorin show up in pairs every five minutes. Rising Action As Gandalf and Bilbo proceed to Beorn's, the half-man/bear creature, house, he greets them and demanded proof of being trustworthy. To gain Beorn's trust, Gandalf tells their story about the giants, the Goblins, Wolves, and Eagles. During Gandalf's story telling, the dwarves arrived, in pairs, five minutes at a time, just as Gandalf asked. This caused tension for Beorn to want to hear more of the story, rather than having 13 untrustworthy dwarves, a weird looking one, and a wizard crowding his in house. Climax Delighted by the loss of the Goblins, Beorn's enemies, he decides to provide food and a place to rest for the night for Gandalf, Bilbo, and Company. Falling Action Once the dwarves and Gandalf were sound asleep, Bilbo wakes up in the middle of the night to a growling noise coming from outside of the house. He assumes it's Beorn in his shape shifted form, scuffling around outside. In fear of being murdered by Beorn in bear form, he hid under the blanket and feel asleep. Rising Action By: Richard Garin
Alex Perez
Jordan Roncal Long before they've been separated due to being ambushed by the spiders, Thorin was capture by the King of Wood Elf. The King had asked for Thorin to state his business in being in the woods, disturbing the King's people. Although Thorin's statements were entirely true, the King thought it was nothing but fabrication. As a result, Thorin is sent to prison in the deepest caves possible, yet is served greatly and given a place to rest until he "decides to tell the truth." Rising Action As the group of dwarves and Bilbo search for Thorin, they too are ambushed by the Wood Elfs and taken to the King. All of them except for Bilbo, who's ring had slipped on his finger when the wood elves surprised them. Being told the great gate's the only way into the palace, Bilbo's shocked to see another way in; a stream pouring out from the lowest regions of the palace. He later enters the palace through the great gates while the wood elves reentered the palace. Climax While the guard and butler were passed out due to the fine wine they had drank, Bilbo snatched the keys from the guard and released all 12 dwarves and Thorin for the cell. Feeling sorry for the guard, Bilbo placed the keys back onto him; he's in enough trouble as it is. Bilbo remembered the empty barrels floating out of the stream and quickly got each dwarf in each empty barrel. When two wood elves arrive to assist the butler with the empty barrels, they are confused because they've felt heavy. Being as careless and impatience as possible, the butler said they were empty, so the wood elves rolled the dwarf-filled barrels to the stream. Amazed and distracted by his great work and achievement, he had forgotten to place himself into an empty barrel. There was one last barrel being rolled out, he caught hold of it before the hatch had closed. Falling Action Now the dwarves and Bilbo had escaped the Wood Elf palace and headed towards Lake Town. As they reach Lake Town, Bilbo opened each barrel to release the cramped dwarves. Arriving on the bridge they've been surrounded by Lake Town guards asking for the party to state their business. Thorin, pridefully, let his name be known and demanded to see the Master of Lake Town. Rising Action The people of the town are shocked and quickly do their best to feed the King of the Mountain. Bilbo, Thorin, and the rest of the company slowly gain their lost weight back, along with some new gear and horses. The group has replenished spirits from the nights at the Lake Town, and set out toward the Lonely Mountain. They encounter the door leading into the mountain, but don't know how to get in. Bilbo, being observant, remembers the clue on the map, and at sunset, the group enters through the doorway into the mountain. Rising Action Bilbo sneaks into the heart of the mountain, with his ring of invisibility. There, he finds the dragon that calls himself the "King under the Mountain", Smaug. Smaug isn't able to see him, and Bilbo takes a chalice from the mountains of gold surrounding the dragon back to the dwarves. He comes back later on, and Smaug is able to smell him out. From there, the two have a conversation, talking in riddles and on guard. Bilbo escapes before he could be roasted, and Smaug flies off to eat their steeds, sealing them into the mountain without escape. Climax Lake Town was entering a lazy, peaceful dusk when Smaug first attacked. They saw his large shape from quite a distance away, and the guards of the town moved in with their bows, with Bard leading them into battle. The men fought bravely against the dragon, who was destroying buildings with fire. Soon, the town was ablaze with light and fire, and many citizens were dead, wounded, or in the water. The boats were filled with many of the children, women, and elderly. Most men were swimming for it when they saw that all was lost, except for the captain of the guard, Bard. He saw the weakness of Smaug, a hole in his scaly hide on his chest, and fired his last arrow at it. The dragon, who was mortally wounded by this, dove into the deep waters of the lake, never to be seen again. The townspeople, while saddened by the losses of their town, livelihoods, and neighbors, were glad to still have their lives, all thanks to Bard. From here, they started to rebuild with the help of the elves, and Bard was called a hero among many. Falling Action The humans and elves marched up Lonely Mountain, with their small armies in tow, to ask Thorin to give a share of his gold to help the reconstruction of Lake Town. Thorin, greedy with all his treasure, turned their request down, and tension soon rose with this turn of events. Thorin sent for reinforcements from his family, as he sensed that a fight was soon near. Bilbo, being a thief, took Thorin's prized treasure, the Arkenstone, and gave it to Bard and the Elvenking, telling them to use it as a negotiation for their gold. Thorin finds out and declares Bilbo a traitor. As soon as this occurs, the Goblins from the Misty Mountains came upon the elves, humans, and dwarves. This sudden event triggered a hasty alliance between the three, and the War of the Five Armies started. The war ensued, and Bilbo, being unaware, was knocked out. While he was unconscious, the alliance was losing ground, until the Lord of the Eagles and his followers came to their aid. This helped the alliance gain the upper hand, and they ran the few surviving goblins out. Resolution When Bilbo woke up, he was faced with a revelation that he never expected to hear. Thorin Oakshield was mortally wounded, and Fili and Kili passed away. Thorin apologized to Bilbo with his last remaining breaths, and soon he was no more. His memory lasted in many minds of the warriors. Bilbo and Gandalf said their farewells to the elves, humans, and eagles, and slowly made their way home. Gandalf had business to take care of, and bid Bilbo farewell in front of the town where this adventure started. When Bilbo was spotted, the town was shocked, because many believed him dead. The town was auctioning his possessions off, including his home. So after kicking his cousins out and getting his possessions back, Bilbo returns to his comfy little hole, taking note of the fact that he became a wiser, more courageous Hobbit throughout this adventure, and tied his loose ends with the rest of the dwarves, humans, and elves many years later. The End
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