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Taurt The Hippopotamus Goddess

No description

Annabel Tooth

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Taurt The Hippopotamus Goddess

Hippopotamus's In Ancient Egypt
Tuart is an ancient egptian god. she is a large pregnant hippopotomus with a lioness's legs and a crocodile tail. her job was to protect pregnant woman and infants. she also protected people as they rebirth into afterlife. she is known as: the daughter of Ra, Taueret, Ta- weret, Thoeris, Rert or Reret. she is also believed to be the mother of Osiris and Isis.
How is it important???
Thw hippo was considered one of the most dangerous animals in ancient egypt life and afterlife. the ancient egyptians feare the hippo and believed that it needed to be controlled. they had to look out for it when fishing on small boats in the Nile beacsue it often overturned the boat and injured and sometimes killed people.. hippos were often hunted in ancient egypt becaus ethey caused so much damage to ancient egyptian society. Now days the hippo is extinct in the lower part of the Nile because of the Ancient Egyptians.
Primary Source
this is a statuette of a hippopotomas. it was made out of ground quartz. outlines of river plants is painted on the hippos bodie witch symoblizes the marshes where the hippo lived and hideed in.





Pictures Of The Hippo
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