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AIESEC DC OGX Info Session

Spring 2013


on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of AIESEC DC OGX Info Session

History of AIESEC
AIESEC was created in 1948 to alleviate tensions between cultures and rebuild the economy following WWII
AIESEC's Vision
Peace and fulfillment of
humankind's potential
How do we do this?
We provide students with the chance to
Develop their leadership skills
Gain new cultural perspectives
Expand their global network
Why choose AIESEC?
Invaluable leadership experience
Global network of companies and organizations
Database of over 10,000 internship opportunities that is always being updated
Hands-on work experience
Interact with students from all over the world and gain perspectives on different cultures
The AIESEC Product
AIESEC offers volunteer and professional internships that are available throughout the year and last between 6 weeks up to 18 months
AIESEC Support
International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
Provides basic health insurance and international discounts
Paid for by AIESEC United States
AIESECers from the Local Committee
Members from AIESEC in different countries are there to provide support and guidance
Application Fee
This grants you..
Access to the AIESEC database
An AIESEC DC Exchange Participant Manager as a resource for support
Eligibility to apply for internships offered through AIESEC
**Notes: This fee is non-refundable, but is valid for one calendar year.
Internship Fees
Global Citizen: $350
Global Talent: $600

NOTE: This fee is only charged once you have interviewed for a position with the respective company or organization and confirmed your participation in an internship
Next Steps...
Fill out an application on www.aieseconline.net
Individual interview with a member of AIESEC DC
Attend an Induction Session
Search our database for internships
Get accepted, and prepare to go abroad!
What is AIESEC?
AIESEC is the world's largest international youth-run organization, present in 124 countries and territories with nearly 100,000 members world wide
Global Citizen
AIESEC is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-discriminatory, independent, global organization
Make the world a little greener. Protecting the environment is a major part of the global development agenda. Promote and participate in sustainable development projects covering energy, pollution, climate change, flora and fauna conservation, waste management and more
Social Entrepreneurship
Innovate in a global setting, get to know foreign markets, start ups, and NGOs. Projects in this category provide you with hands-on experience working with NGOs and small businesses, developing relevant and culturally suitable solutions for the problems facing societies all over the world
Cultural Understanding

Develop a global mindset, share your culture abroad, and become a global citizen. Projects in this category promote tolerance between nations and regions, and create ambassadors by addressing cultural differences and origins. Help create cross-cultural learning dialogues, showcase your traditions, and learn about those of your host country
Mold the minds of future leaders. Help provide underprivileged children and adults access to basic education. Opportunities available in financial literacy, technological literacy, language education, and general subjects.
So, What Do We Do?
AIESEC helps students gain professional experience and foster cross-cultural exchanges through over 10,000 available internships and volunteer opportunities
Establish a global network of local committees in our 124 country and territory members
Short-term: Generally 6-12 weeks
Mostly volunteer positions, but there are some paid teaching opportunities
Accommodation is usually provided
The Andes Way:
CICODI project
Work on press releases, website projects, and social media
Interview Bahraini families and students to create a mutual understanding between cultures
Take photography and Arabic lessons to acquire skills that will enable you to capture your journey through different touristic places in Bahrain
Accommodation and work transportation provided
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Contribute to the local development of Argentinian communities, working as part of high impact projects
Work in developing fundraising and merchandising products
Transportation to and from work is provided
Meals provided during work hours
Accommodation fee $260
Manama, Bahrain
Colors of Bahrain
Exchange Participant
Feel free to address any additional questions you have to
Thank you all for coming!
Important Dates
Application Deadline - Sunday, March 9th by 11:59 PM
Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis with interviews conducted the week following spring break
EP Induction - Monday, March 24rd from 6:00-8:00 PM (tentative)
The AIESEC Product
Long-term, professional business internships
Typically must have an undergraduate degree to qualify
Global Talent
Paid positions; salary differs based on company and country
Accommodations are not provided
Grupo Positivo
Market, educational, and financial research position
Analyze new markets and company projects to improve efficiency
52 week internship; working 30 hours per week
Salary in US $1900
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