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Forensics Murder

No description

Brenna Welch

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Forensics Murder

Brenna Welch Forensics Project What we know Case solved!!! Victim: Trisha May Mansfield, 42
Discovered: Found at 4:08 a.m. on April 2, 2012 on the outskirts of Wasilla, Alaska.
Circumstance: Run off the road, strangled, defensive wounds on hands and knees, .
Evidence: Shoe print, blood under nails, motive, finger prints on car door. Recently Married to Jonathan Mansfield
Takes care of Alex (John's son from previous marriage)
She lived in Anchorage for most of her life
Stay at home Mom Trisha Suspect 1 - Sarah
Suspect 2 - Robert
Suspect 3 - Alex The suspects By looking at the evidence, have you picked your suspect? If you chose Robert Sandusky, you are correct! After 5 years in Spring Creek he found out that she had gotten married and lost all control. he went to her favorite bar and grill, everyday until he saw her. When she left he crashed his car into hers. He got out, and yanked the woman out. Once she saw who it was, she slammed his head into the window and tried to make a brake for it. He caught up with her in a ditch and strangled her. In her fighting back to the best of her advantage, she ended up breaking his nose, and scrapping up his shins. Jonathan 51
Worked as a Professor for many years, but transferred to School District when he divorced wife
Very good, giving man
Likes to spend his spare time at home with Trisha and Alex
Puts in a lot of overtime Alex 17
Son of John and mother Sarah Neville
Junior in high school
Star Athlete
Does not like Trisha After 6 weeks of interviewing and research, three people have been narrowed down as suspects Best friend Elle Carpenter has known Trisha for 29 years
Went to high school together
Shared an apartment in south Anchorage for 5 years Ex Boyfriend Robert Sandusky and Trisha dated for 3 years
The relationship ended in a domestic violence charge on Robert
Spent the last five years in Prison Ex-Wife Sarah has lived in Fairbanks for the past 4 years since the divorce
visits Alex every weekend and he spends holidays and school breaks with her
Nurse at the Hospital which shoe matches the shoe print? suspect 1 suspect 2 suspect 3 finger prints on door handle suspect 2 suspect 1 suspect 3 Blood under fingernails DNA embedded on car window Blood on victims wedding ring Whose blood matches the crime scene? Is there motive? Motive Sarah
Her husband divorced her for Trisha, leaving little time to spend with her son. Alex
Angry teenager that wishes he had his mom still with him and feels Trisha is a horrible mom. Robert
Just released from Spring Creek in Seward for armed robbery any broke parole after finding Trisha had moved on.
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