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Elena, an orphan of the famous doctor Gerardo of Narbonne, w

No description

chiara felini

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Elena, an orphan of the famous doctor Gerardo of Narbonne, w

Elena, orphan of the famous doctor Gerardo of Narbonne, was raised by the Countess of Roussillon.

Over the years, she fell in love with Bertram, son of the Countess, but she had always kept hidden.

After the death of his father, Bertram left the native home to go to the King's court.

Elena reveals to the Countess her love until now hidden and get her permission to follow Bertram in Paris.
thanks to medical knowledge imparted by her father, Elena manages to heal the king of France seriously ill.

The king, after receiving the cure, gives her the possibility to choose a husband among the nobles of the court.

Her preference is obviously turning to Bertram, shocked by this perspective not returning her love, he must obey the orders of the king.
Instigated by rogue Parolles, Bertram goes to war and leaves a message that lets you know Elena that, if she would really be his wife, will occur two apparently impossible conditions:

that she presents to him with a son generated by him showing a loop he constantly brings his finger.

So, Elena Using the excuse of a pilgrimage to follow Bertram to Florence with the intent to have he for herself, but discovers that he is trying to seduce a Florentine girl named Diana Capulets. Agreeing with the girl to accept an invitation from bertram Elena manages to replace her to steal the loop exchanging it with a similar and to have a relationship with her beloved.
The Florentine war ends and Elena spreads the word of her death. Bertram then, returns home believing himself free from any constraint.

Once in Roussillon reappears Elena pregnant and in her hand his loop so Bertram is forced to admit in front of the King and his mother that his wife was able to meet its conditions so that all ends well.
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