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Kyle Snow

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of 8-1

What were the precedents Washington established as the 1st President?
George Washington
Secretary of State
Department of War
Department of Treasury
Attorney General
Created National court system
Executive branch
First Cabinet
Judiciary Act of 1789
Vice President
John Adams
Foreign affairs
Nations Laws
3 Circuit
13 District
Created strong independent judicial branch
Bill of Rights
10 Amendments

Citizens (&Hamilton) feared
a strong central
1. Pay off war debt to citizens and other countries
How does a brand new country pay off a $75 million dollar debt?
Sold to citizens during war to pay for the war
Citizens sold them at a lower price to get some money back.
Hamilton offered to buy back bonds at the original cost.
I buy a bond from the government for $100. The government promises to pay me back $110 in five years. After two years, I need some money so I sell it to someone for $75 . If I sell it to you for $75, I get some of my money back and you get the $100 bond. When five years is up, the government gives you $110 for the bond.

I lose $35 and you make $35.
Northern debt was higher than southern debt
*South had a smaller debt and already repaid most of it
Would you pay back the debt of someone else?

-What if the person had helped you out before?
Hamilton proposed putting the nation's capital in the "south" to make them happy. DC is NOT in a state.
The south agreed to pay the debts in exchange for the location of the capital.
Since it is not mentioned in the Constitution.....can the government create a national bank?
Hamilton and Washington helped create a national bank
Tariff-tax on imports
South opposed, had little industry
National taxes used to pay off debt
Also taxed whiskey
Should the new government be this strong?
A national bank? A tax on items?

Are they already too powerful?
1. Inagural address
2. Two terms in office
3. Creation of the Cabinet
4. Foreign policy of neutrality
5. Strong court system
6. Bill of Rights
Daily Question
Washington's Cabinet had 4 people. Obama has 15. Why do you think more Cabinet positions exist today?

I can explain two significant events that occured during Washington's presidency.
How many of you have rules in place because of something your older sibling did?
Federal Courts States Courts
(more power) (less power)
Hamilton's Plan
How might American be viewed if we didn't pay people back? What would our reputation be?
North-lots of manufacturing and business
South-lots of farming and plantations
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