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For Roy

Ella Liu

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Anniversary

Four Years Ago...
And I were the basketball team managers.
And then you joined the basketball team...
After 2 years, in December, I and Eunice Jing invited you to join the Singing Show...
But, I realized that you were a very thoughtful person.
You looked very attractive when you stood on the stage...
2013 came...
You just went to NKNU...
We held a party to welcome you.
You were wearing the name card I made.
This is the first picture between us.
You & I are just school brother & sister.
I didn't know you, and I had no idea how colsed we would be in the future.
We went to Chia-yi to played game with other school team
How cute you are!
We had a lot of fun :)
And we sat next to each other on the train back to Kaohsiung...
We had a long chat, and I had a good impression of you : )
You asked me to be your girlfirend after two weeks...
But we were still friends.
Thank you for caring about me always <3
I remember you wrote "cheer up" on the bottle :P
but I didn't say yes...
Although we were always in a hurry...
We had a lot of first times...
First time having lunch...
First time sining together...
First time making BBQ for you...
That time, I felt like I met you again : )
2012 DEC.
is important !
Maybe we could be closed friend : )
My life was in the depression
in the begining of the year....
But you came
to save me !!
I also shared mine.
You shared your life for me.
your trip to Taichung, your clothes I chose, and goodnight photo...
Finally on 18th Jan.
We started our story...
The days being your girlfriend...
The more I know you, the more I love you.
this is my favorite video of you
Every month special
You always know what I love
take me to meet your friend,
your family, even the whole
world if you can...
We have been to a lot of places
and also being good to my friends!
and create a lot of momery
Every word you wrote, is so touching
and now...
I have some words
for you as well
and see you tomorrow
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