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Marketing Brief Tomorrowland Festival - Integrated Marketing Communications

No description

Ashley Tromp

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Brief Tomorrowland Festival - Integrated Marketing Communications

Electric music festival
Organised by ID&T events
Festival capacity

Annual event: 2005
Attendees/DJ's increased
Tomorrowland as it stands today
What - Festival
Where - Belgium
When - July
Why - "unity enjoy life in its best possible making, fairy tale world" (ID&T, 2013)

Best logistics and employees

Branding Belgium
Nominated "Best Festival of the World" SWOT Analysis Macro Environment Analysis
Six governments High public debts
and parliaments

Multicultural Infrastructure

VISA European environmental
Policy Micro Environment Analysis Customers - Internal/external
Suppliers - Outsourcing
Stakeholders - Identify and manage
Distributors - Personal relationship
Sponsors - Beneficial for both parties Competitor Analysis Benefits of competitor analysis
Customer point of view
Four competitors
Criteria used Segmentation Demographics - Age 18-30
Socioeconomics - Middle class
Geographic - Europe
Physiographic - "Celebrate life" Introduction History of the event 5 W's Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental Communication Plan Event Objectives 1. Increase profit
2. "Best International Music Festival" Communication Tools Social Media Budget Importance of a marketing budget
Allocated % for every communication tool
Why is this beneficial for the event? Conclusion Market leaders
Integrated communication USP - Event objectives Content
Summary of the event
Aims and Objectives
Situation Analysis
Communication Plan
Conclusion Competitive festival
High demand for tickets
Crowding Rival festivals
Alcohol and drugs Evaluation Importance of evaluation
Type of measurements
How have we done it? Aims and Objectives Source: Hilliard (2012), Redbull Elektropedia (2011), Tomorrowland Official Website (2013) Product life cycle
USP - Fairy tale decorations and designs aiming to escape reality
Event objective
Two aim Source: Bowdin et al (2011), Tum et al (2009) and Collins (2013) Source: Van der Wagen, 2007 Source: Bowdin, et al., 2011 Source: Preston (2012), Kilkenny (2006) and Bladen, et al., (2011) Source: Masterman and Wood (2011) and Stralser (2004) Source: Dibb and Simkin (2008), Van der Wagen (2007) According to Masterman and Wood (2011) the communication mix needs to deliver a unified message through joined forces. Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Mastermand and Wood (2011), Billboard Marketing ( 2010) Communication Objectives Increase tickets sales by 38% through an integrated approach with the emphasis on Tomorrowland's USP: "A Fairy Tale" Direct Marketing Direct communication
Registration of ticket purchase
Personalised notifications
Cost effective and measurable Sales Promotion " The use of email for these direct marketing activities is far more efficient" (Bowdin, et al., 2011 p.429) Discounts and incentives
Promotional contest on Twitter
544,750,000 - 38% Target audience Public Relations Press releases
Celebrities - "Role Models" Sponsorship European travel partners
Travel packages = Ticket purchase
Partnership - PESTEL Experiential Marketing "Triggers a multi-sensual brand experience where the audience are stimulated through the interaction of the activities" (Wohlfeil and Whelan, 2006) SWOT = USP = Experiential Marketing
Cohesive with USP
Amsterdam, Paris, London, Barcelona Advertising Expensive marketing tool
"Keep on Dreaming at Tomorrowland" Source: Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Source: Bowdin (2011), Kokemuller (2010), Masterman and Wood (2011) Source: Masterman and Wood, 2011
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