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Facebook as Learning Enhancer in Higher Education!

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Maria Jamil

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Facebook as Learning Enhancer in Higher Education!

Facebook as Learning Enhancer in Higher Education!
Why Facebook?
(Facebook group)

Available in any electronic devices such as computer, laptop, iPad, Tablet, smartphones
Friendly user interface and a neat sharing site
Post updates on activities or links to relevant online materials
Upload pictures or videos!
Make a poll
Directly add files such as MS Word, MS Excel or PDF from computer or dropbox!
Available in most places
with an access to
mobile data or WiFi,
ie the Internet
how can learning in higher education be enhanced using the Facebook group?
A suitable medium for students
to engage on learning and
collaboration outside
the classroom
As for lecturers, Facebook group can be archive for future reference
This means that the information posted throughout the course period will not be automatically deleted once the course has ended!
It gives an opportunity for students to be involved in discussions wherever and whenever it is convenient to them
But, what does "enhance" mean?
Enhance is to improve the quality, amount, or strength of something
Reference : Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Therefore, what can be done to enhance learning in tertiary education?
The class representative is elected among the students in the course.
Since the class representative has a mutual relationship with students enrolled in the course, he/she will be able to facilitate interactions between students in the group
The class representative is responsible to be the moderator of topics discussed in the Facebook group
The students will also feel comfortable to express honest opinions regarding the topics discussed
This helps to increase collaboration among students where some students might be left out during class session due to the large class size
Facebook group can be used as a sharing space between former students and current students
Opinions and knowledge sharing from former students are important in guiding the current students.
This is because, students will have the opportunity to compare and critically analyze the information gained which may impact or improve their learning.
What is multimedia?
"Pictures are more perceptually rich than words, and this visual
distinctiveness lends them an advantage in memory"
Multimedia is using a combination of moving and still pictures, sound, music, and words, especially in computers or entertainment
Reference : Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Reference :
Through interactive multimedia, students are able to gain fundamental and conceptual understanding
The combination of sound and images improves students' ability understand and the wide range of information requires students to take a creative approach to critically analyze the contents
Class representative as the administrator of the Facebook group
Invite former students to join the Facebook group
Improve the use of multimedia among students
Some learning management system do not allow guests to participate in a course
To enhance learning in higher education
Maria Jamil
EPOL 386
Growing Up in a Digital World
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