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Things Fall Apart - Chapter 11

Mrs. Munoz

Jill Munoz

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart - Chapter 11

Chapter 11
How the Tortoise Cracked His Shell
Ezinma's Journey with Chielo Things Fall Apart In short, Tortoise tricks the birds into giving him all of their food during their feast in the sky. Realizing that he can't get down from the sky on his own, Tortoise asks the birds to tell his wife to set out all the soft things from their house so that he can fall from the sky. Instead, the birds tell Tortoise's wife to set out all the HARD things from their house. Tortoise can't see that his wife has been tricked, so he falls from the sky onto all of the hard things from their house and breaks his shell. And that is how Tortoise's shell becomes cracked. How the Tortoise
cracked his shell Late into the night, Chielo comes to Ekwefi's house to fetch Ezinma. Chielo says that Agbala (the Oracle) wants to see Ezinma. Ekwefi does not want Ezinma to go, but finally relents.
"'Come my daugher,' said the priestess. 'I shall carry you on my back. A baby on its mother's back does not know the way is long'" (101).

Chielo warns Ekwefi not to follow them, but Ekwefi follows them anyway. Chielo goes around to all the villages within the clan, spending the entire night walking. They finally end up at the mouth of Agbala's cave. Chielo takes Ezinma The story ends with Chielo bringing Ezinma back home. As Chielo exits the cave, she is joined by Ekwefi and Okonkwo, who have waited most of the night to make sure their daughter is safe.

"As [Ekwefi] stood gazing at the circular darkness which had swallowed them, tears gushed from her eyes, and she swore within her that if she heard Ezinma cry she would rush into the cave to defend her against all the gods in the world. She would die with her" (108). Morning Comes Fable: a short tale that teaches a world lesson, often with animals or inanimate objects. At the end of the chapter, Ekwefi has a FLASHBACK to the night when she left her first husband and became Okonkwo's wife.
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