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Ana Petway

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Turtles

ABOUT TURTLES PROBLEM/ SOLUTION Have you ever wondered where all the turtles have gone? Well, I have just finished talking to Vanessa Trevino, who studies turtles. She says that because we take them and abuse them for their skin and shell they try to stay away from us. She is now capturing turtles, not for bad use, to find out how to protect them. She specifically said, "People don't realize that these animals used to be a legend. We need to understand them as if they were a friend." Remember we can change anything if we speak up. SPECIAL EDITION Do people really understand turtles? Well, in my opinion they know what they are , but they don't understand them. Because we build houses, be careless and litter in a pond, and worst of all, use them for there shells. Turtles are very interesting animals once you get to know them and understanding the way they live. Many species of turtles face extinction as humans do activities. 70 million years ago, sea turtles became extinct mostly because of NATURAL DISASTERS and CHANGES IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT.

Scientific experiments indicate that turtles have a good sense of smell, at least, near by objects. Many display preferences for certain foods while rejecting others indicating if it is safe or not.

A land turtle's hip and shoulder bones sit inside the ribcage. It forms part of the animals shell. Like I said, once you understand them, you will enjoy them. CAUSE AND EFFECT Turtles are good for the environment because if we do not have them the food chain would be messed up. Foxes would not be able to have food. Also, the fish would grow and grow in population and all the food will be eaten and then they will start to die off.
As you can see turtles are good for the environment and us. Remember, like we say, safty comes first. SEQUENCE This is how it all began. Festivals. Wonderful, delightful, and exciting. But is it really what it's cracked up to be. Well, let's find out.
I have just finished talking to Vanessa Trevino again. She used to work for 6 Flags. She said" Children, boots, what a beautiful sight. You may not believe this, however this can not be stopped.The actually kill turtles and use them for their skin. And the most disturbing thing of all, they use their shells and make them out of hats!" That's how it all began, festivals. So stand up and speak up. QUESTION/ ANSWER Have you ever wondered where all the turtles have gone. Well, people catch turtles to eat and for their shell. Also, parents allow children to gather turtle eggs in places where turtles have laid eggs. ( Like Maine) People build houses, stores, and factories, but don't realize that they are harming not just turtles, but animals. Zoo's take animals to show how to treat them, but they don't understand. People might think that they take care of them. We can always speak up for our rights or should I say "animal rights." COMPARE/CONTRAST How many of you think land and sea turtles are the same? A land turtle and a sea turtle are both turtles, but once you read about them they are very different. A land turtle's hip and shoulder bone sit in the ribcage. A sea turtles don't. Also, a sea turtle lives in water, unlike a land turtle. We did a test and we found out that if you throw a land turtle in water it will drown before it can get back to shore. Different types of turtles have different ways living life.So like they say don't judge a book b its cover. Or should I say "turtle.'' LAND TURTLE SEA TURTLE BODY PARTS HIP/ SHOULDER: A turtle's hip and shoulder bone sit inside it's rib cage. However, a sea turtle needs it's shoulders to help it swim in the ocean.
SPINE: The spine is connected to the shell. In cartoons usually a turtle can pull of it's shell. However, in real life that can not happen unless you want to rip it's spine out.
SHELL: A turtle's shell is very hard that if your head fell on it you head could hurt your head really badly. A turtle's shell could also be dark brown, light brown, or beige. But mostly the color is dark brown. The Turtle Tribute Lonesome George was a loved turtle for many years. He was the last abingdon tortoise. His species was endangered for a long time until he was the last abingdon tortoise there is. Lonesome George died at the age of 100. He lived in the island off the coast of South America named Pinta. He died on the Galapagos island.
Lonesome George will have a fundraiser on July 17, 2013 held by the Turtle Association Society (TAS).
Another story is a turtle named Allison that lost 3 flippers in 2012 due to predator attack. She was also the first reptile to use man made mechanics. This year the Turtle Association has promoted a girl's book and her name is Alexia Strongfield. Let's hear her story!

One day a turtle was walking down an isle of a super market. He was going to buy a vest for his daughter, Samantha. He bought it and Samantha hated it! She said, " You are the worst clothes shopper ever! You know I hate green!" "It's not green, it's purple! Are you color blind?'' "I guess so.'' Then in the morning every one was happy again. WORD SEARCH FOR TURTLES TO LEARN MORE GO TO: 1.) www.nationalgeographic.com
2.) www.turtlefacts4you.com
3.) www.conserveturtles.org
4.) www.arkive.org
5.) www.earthjustice.org/sea_turtles
6.) www.seaturtleinc.com WORK CITED I have used the following websites,
www.turtlefacts4you.com, www.arkive.org. I have used the following books, world book, and
www.seaturtleinc.com. TURTLES TABLE OF CONTENTS Slide 1.) Cover Page
Slide 2.) Table of Contents
Slide 3.) Turtle Articles ( Cover page)
Slide 4.) Turtle Question and Answer
Slide 5.) Sequence
Slide 6.) Special Edition
Slide 7.) About Turtles
Slide 8.) Cause and Effect
Slide 9.) Problem and Solution
Slide 10.) Body Parts
Slide 11.) Compare and Contrast
Slide 12.) The Turtle Tribute
Slide 13.) Turtle Word Search
Slide 14.) Learn More About Turtles
Slide 15.) Work Cited
Slide 16.) Turtle Advertisement
Slide 17.) 12 Healthiest Turtles Society would like everyone to come to help turtles and tortoises and change the world. The Turtle Association Turtle Life A Life Unknown TURTLE PETING ZOO Turtle petting zoo only $4.99 per person. If you come 3 times you get a free visit. Only 4 hours drive from Corpus Christi From Houston. Visit Sea Turtle Inc. in Panama City, Corpus Christi. Learn more at www.seaturtleinc.com.
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