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Exxon Mobil Prezi Presentation

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Josh Goldberg

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Exxon Mobil Prezi Presentation

Bio-mass Fuels ExxonMobil: XOM
ExxonMobil Company Overview Matthew Turkot
Varun Bhandari
Samantha Cotier
Joshua Goldberg
Martin Shen
Abhay Dalal The Industry The Industry PEST:
Political Stability
Social awareness of alternative energy
3D Mapping Technology The Industry Porters Five Forces
-High: Business rivalry, supplier power, barriers to entry
-Low: Buyer power, threat of substitutes Competitors Bio Mass Fuels Recommended Solution Recommended Solution How this Benefits ExxonMobil: Maintain current levels of investment
Maintain current risk
Allows them to continue recognizing the benefits from short term revenue growth due to increaes in prices for crude oil
It is better to follow what works then to be the industry leader in wasted investments. Exxon Mobil Corporation is the largest integrated oil company in the world
It is a direct descendent of Standard Oil, headquartered in Texas Company Overview Competitors: British Petroleum (BP) Biofuels will help reduce global greenhouse gas levels
“improve security of energy supply and drive innovation and improvements in agriculture”
Developed four coal-bed methane fields in Indonesia Competitors: British Petroleum (BP)
“Beyond Petroleum”
Explore, develop, and produce fossil fuel resources to meet future demands and to transition to a lower carbon future
Biofuels, wind, and solar alternatives Bio Mass Fuels Biomass is regarded as renewable & requires little change to transportation infrastructure. Exxon invested $300 million with an additional $300 million bonus in Synthetic Genomics. Bio Mass Fuels Algal fuels theoretically could outperform Corn and Palm based bio-ethanols by 10x. Recommended Solution Because of the higher risks associated with investments and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the energy industry, we believe that ExxonMobil should not alter their investment strategy at all, and should “stay the course”
We believe ExxonMobil will be able to continue their superior performance in the inudstry by taking advantage of their large supply of unleveraged reserves as well as the significant amount of cash on hand Despite the increased interest in these alternative energy sources, there has yet to be enough advancement in any alternative energy to replace crude oil in its entirety.
The rush to meet this need has caused unwise and under informed investment, including investments from ExxonMobil.
Exxon experienced a $5 billion loss on an investment in shale gas, claiming it was “not a profitable investment” Company Overview
Diversified firm: oil and gas exploration, energy generation, production of petroleum, kerosene

Globally established: On-shore and off shore drilling of the Gulf of Mexico, Iran and Vietnam. Company Overview Diversified firm: oil and gas exploration, energy generation, production of petroleum, kerosene
Globally established: On-shore and off shore drilling of the Gulf of Mexico, Iran and Vietnam. Recommended Solution In the face of the worlds waning supply of crude oil company’s such as Exxon are faced with decisions regarding the future of the energy industry.
Many of these decisions are rooted in the potential for discovery of new sources of alternative energy Competitors: ChevronTexaco Largest producer of geothermal energy
Focus on advanced solar technologies
Installed more than 128,000 solar panels including rooftop systems and parking lot shade structures
Biomass projects
Convert organic material waste into renewable power and energy Competitors: ChevronTexaco The Industry Exhibits Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Exhibit 3: Exhibit 4: Exhibit 5: Exhibit 6: Key Success Factors: High Operating Efficiencies
High Volume of Drilling Licenses
Long Term Capital Investments Exhibit 7: COMPETITORS: ROYAL DUTCH SHELL Biggest distributor of biofuels
Working with Iogen Energy “to develop the processing technology that enables ethanol to be made from straw using enzymes Exhibit 8: Exxon: post oil spill efforts: Apart from spending over 1 Billion USD on clean up efforts they also employed:
Commitment to phase out single-hulled oil tankers
Improved techniques for loading and unloading oil
Better employee training
Stricter drug and alcohol screening
Faster deployment of oil spill response personnel and equipment . Exhibit 9: There has been pressure from governments, the public, and the ever growing consumption levels pushing energy providers to discover the next source of energy to power our lives.
These pressures have forced some companies in the industry to adopt a more aggressive investment strategy, which as we noted earlier is in stark contrast to the long-term low-risk investment strategy of ExxonMobil Recommended Solution The Key Issue: Given Exxon's past performance in the oil & natural gas industries, is it financially advantageous to alter their investment strategy in unconventional energy sources?
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