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Linkedin Talent Pipeline

No description

Elias Meen

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Linkedin Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline provides a single place to manage all of your talent leads, imported from any source directly in LinkedIn Recruiter. Import Leads from any source and connect them to their Linkedin Profile This way, you can Always see the latest professional information and experience for each individual.
Gain deeper insights that only LinkedIn can provide,such as status updates, shared connections, groups and recommendations. We have made it easy to import leads from any resource and automatically match them to Linkedin profiles. Use customizable tags to highlight key attributes, skills or experience of individuals that are important to you so you can quickly find them in the future.

Add the source of each profile so you can track which ones are giving you the best results

Utilize Tags, Sources and Status to easily find and organize leads in projects and searches. Find the right leads New search filters let you sort leads by Source and Status, such as prospects who have not yet been contacted.

Search within all the updates your team adds to profiles, such as Tags, notes,projects and hiring manager reviews.
Easily send bulk messages to a group of leads from your search results or within a project Add notes and update the status of your leads Talent Pipeline keeps your entire recruiting team engaged and coordinated on a single platform, giving each team member:

Full visibility into pipeline activities for every lead.

Ability to add notes, update lead status, see who has contacted the lead, and reminders to ensure prompt and accurate follow up.

Access to members of your team who do not use Recruiter with a Talent Pipeline Only seat. Generate reports and track Talent Pipeline includes actionable reports that give you valuable insights to help manage pipeline health and efficiency

View overall growth, refine by type of activity and time frame, and view progress at the project level.

Get a detailed look at lead sources to find out where leads are coming from and how they are changing over time.

Track the Status of leads in your Pipeline so you’ll be sure you are keeping up with demand and identifying where you have bottlenecks in your process. Features of Talent Pipeline Talent pipeline is an enhancement of your Linkedin Recruiter, actually it is built right into it. LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to search for and connect with passive talent. Talent Pipeline allows you to centralize, track, and manage all of your talent leads from any source. What is Linkedin Talent Pipeline?
Features and benefits
Expected outcomes after using LTP Outcomes we can summarize the expected results of activating and implementing Talent pipeline at your Linkedin Recruiter in the following points:

It will help your talent acquisition team to better coordinate and communicate with each others and with other hiring managers when working on a project.
Connecting your leads to their Linkedin accounts Will keep your team always updated and in touch with you talent leads from different resources.

The ability to search and find your preferred leads instantly by using the new filters.

You will be able to track the process of your projects, and measure the effectiveness of each recruitment source by using the reports feature.
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