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Presenting to Zone P

milad gihasi

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Minibeasts

Thank you for Listening!
Driving Question
My driving question is
How can i learn about Minibeasts?like what they eat? what they're afraid of? and awesome facts.
The Butterfly Sip's nectar and juices from fruit.Did you know that the skipper Butterflies are the fastest Butterflies in the world.
Lady Bug
The lady Bug Likes to eat small insects.Around the size of your finger nail.When a Lady Bug fly's it flap's its wings around 85 times per second. Lady Bug's Can be all types of colour's like Blue,Purple, Pink,Yellow,Green,Orange and White.The normal colour of the Lady Bug is Red.
Stick Insect
Stick insect's camouflage really good with the sticks.Stick Insect's only eat at night.They eat thing's like leaves.The MegaStick stick insect is the largest stick insect it comes from Malaysia.
Praying Mantis
Small praying Mantis eat Fly's.Big Praying Mantis eat Things the size of a bug.It is afraid of some big reptiles.
By Milad.G

The Bee like's to eat honey,polen and nectar.
The Bee is a bit larger then a paper clip.Did you know that baby bees clean up the whole hive!.The bee's are afraid of Animal's and reptiles.
I have answered my I wonder question(do honey bee's sting each other?) The answer is Yes.
Skipper Butterfly
Normal Stick Insect
Big Praying Mantis
Small praying mantis
Any questions?
Some worms can have at least 10 hearts.A worm has no hands ,no legs and no Eyes.
A Slug has 4 noses.Slugs are very slimy and people say the are disgusting.
#Edventure time
#Zone P
Red Back Spider
Female red back spiders are bigger than male red back spiders.Australia is the home of red back spiders because we have the most red back spiders than any other country.The red back spider is one of the dangerest spider in Australia.Red back spiders can not eat within 100 days.A female red back spider can live for up to 3 years .A male can only live up to 3 months.This might be a bit scary do you want to see a picture of a red back spider?.
Well was that scary?
Tarantula Spider
There are about 700 different species of Tarantula Spider.In some countries People eat Tarantula Spiders.Tarantula Spiders are afraid of A Spider wasp It looks like a Tarantula could eat it.But a Spider wasp accually eats the Tarantula. It will be weird once you see the picture.
Spider Wasp
A spider wasp can eat a Tarantula. Imagine That
A little bug that eats a Huge Tarantula.Spider wasp are active in Summer.
Banana Spider
Banana Spiders are really dangerous spiders but luckily their not in Australia.They are only in Brazil.Thier Bite could hurt really bad.It likes to eat Spiders smaller than its self.
By ;Milad.G
Written; By Milad.G
Helped for a Minute ;Saina.N Henry.W Johnny.L They helped me include a few things.
Thanks To: Teachers for organising Edventure Time
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