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Meghan Curtis

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Host Family Basic Facts Luxembourg Capital: Luxembourg City
Form of Government: Representative Democracy
Major Cities: Mertert, Remich, Mersch, Sanem, Differdange
Currency: Euro
Languages: Luxembourgish ,French, German
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim
Area: 998 sq. miles
Population: 509,074 The People of My Country They Maintain strong feelings of national pride.
They value education,privacy,friendship,and humor.
They don't like loud behavior. Chewing gum whule speaking is impolite and rude
They greet with gentle handshakes. Females may hug and kiss each other's cheeks 3 times.
They refrain from yawning, shouting, or using offensive language.
Breakfast is eaten between 7 and 9 AM, lunch is at noon, and dinner is at 7 PM. Their lunch is light and dinner is the main meal.
If guests don't ask for seconds, chefs think the food was unsatisfactory. Cultures and Customs The families are usually small, having fewer than 2 children on average.
Many women work outside the home.
Parents have to pay for their children's education.
Homes are made from bricks which are painted white or other neutral colors along with wide green lawns.
Kids are all baptized.
Dating begins at 15.
You get your driver's license at 17.
Couples get married when they're financially established or have completed their educational goals. Things I did and visited I visited the Musee de I'Etat, where they keep important art and historical collections.
I went to a festival in Waltz. They had music, dancing, and theater.
I went to the Luxembourg City History Museum.
We celebrated the National Luxembourg Day on June 23.
I played on a soccer team for a month.
Every day i went for a jog with my host sisters.
Some clothes i packed were some stuff you would wear in the spring (like shorts and short sleeves) and fall time (jeans and sweatshirts) . Average winter temp: 32 degrees, Summer: 75 degrees. Health, transportation, government,
and economy. Public health standards are high.
The most popular way of transportation is by train, buses, or taxis.
Travelers should exchange their money for Euros. For 1 USD you get $0.76 in Euros.
They have a prime minister.
Luxembourg maintains a small volunteer army.
Employs a small 2 percent of the labor force. Some activities they do in Luxembourg is cycling and hiking.
Soccer is the national sport To get married in a church, they have to have a certificate saying their legally married by a civil authority. Luxembourg's Prime Minister Luxembourg's Army Taxis in Luxembourg Luxembourg's Soccer Team Some people jogging at the park near
my host house. My 3 host sisters and their mom. The house i stayed in 2 of my host sisters visiting their father at work Some food I ate My host sister and her soccer team By Meghan Curtis Cites I used:
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