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Chapter 20-3

No description

Mac Cherry

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 20-3

Sharecropping Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan was a racial group against African Americans Formally known as "The Klan" Their purpose was to protects the rights of White Americans
by voilence and intimidation They were first organized in the southern states
and eventually grew nationally wore robes, masks, and hats the Klan has a record of using terrorism, violence, and lynching to oppress and murder African Americans Today, they are considered terrorists their purpose was to restore white supremacy
Plessy vs. Ferguson Done by Southern farmers
and plantation owners because they
were not equal to the wealthy and
prosperous North.

Sharecropping is when farmers got
permission to farm at landowner's land,
using their supplies. Owners got some
crops and families got a place to farm. Started because whites lost land
due to war and taxes. By 1880, 1/3
of farmers used their crops to pay
for their bills. Farmers did it because they grew their food to
eat and they used their crops to pay for their bills.
Owners did it because they sold their share of crops
in their shops. Ended because of cotton, which made soil tired,
reducing land. This made the South need to
buy food from other countries. Since there was
no land, the sharecroppers had nowhere to farm,
causing poverty. They couldn't afford to eat with their
families. Mechanization was what really ended it.
Machines were discovered and the South
no longer needed people to work the fields.
Sharecroppers either moved to the North to
work in factories, or migrated to the West
during World War II In 1930, even though sharecropping ended,
Tennessee still continued to practice it.
They continued to do this up until 60 years
after the Civil War. Chapter 20 section 3 Plessy vs. Ferguson was a racial case
started by the group, "The Citizens Commitee" It was started over the idea that black and whites
should have equal accomadations and etc. Another major part of it was called the Seperate Car Act which caused blacks and whites to be seperated The blacks thought this was unfair, so they formed the citizens commitee in Louisiana to protect their rights They sent Homer Plessy to be arrested so they could take it to court Defenition of lynched: Killed without a trial The actual case was based on the idea that the 13th and 14th ammendments, which protected the African Americans rights,was broken by the Seperate Car Acts Cheif justice, Melville Fuller, voted against Homer Plessy
and the case was closed Compromise of 1877 The Compromise was an informal deal that settled a disputed
1876 U.S. Presidential election Rutherford B. Hayes was a republican running for president
against the democratic Samuel J. Tilden The compromise stated that southern democrats should acknowledge
Hayes as president The Republican party abandoned the southern blacks to racist democratic party rule After the compromise, the south was forced to vote democratic
in elections for federal office The compromise was decided by the electorial
commission of 1877 Two days before the inauguration, the compromise was approved Jim Crow Laws Happened during the end of Reconstruction
Jim Crow was another word for African Americans It made segregation legit in most places Segregation is the seperation by nationality Happened in the 1890's
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