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Wednesday, April 1st

No description

erika steinger

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Wednesday, April 1st

Groups of 3
Identify a quote that reflects character traits of Creon
Explain what this quote reveals about Creon and why
Discuss the facial expressions and gestures you imagine Creon used when delivering this quote
One person will pose, one person will read the quote, one person will explain the characterization
During Reading
Do Now
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the EQ and the word of the day.
Answer the following question in your notebook.
How was Creon characterized in the beginning of this scene?
What gestures or facial expressions do you imagine he was making? Feel free to illustrate your answer.
Wednesday, April 1st
Dynamic Creon
As a group, fill out the picture of Creon
On the inside of the outline, to the left of the line, characterize Creon in the beginning of the scene
On the outside of the outline, on the left, write quotes from Creon that support your characterization
Repeat on the right side, but for the end of the scene
On the back, write a paragraph answering the prompt
Character Statues
Walk around the room
When I call something out, POSE as that person/character/animal
Write down something for me to call out
page 265
Annotate your text with evidence of a shift in Creon's character
Make note of specific quotes to highlight how he has changed since the beginning of this scene
How is he being characterized?
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