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What can you do with computer science?

No description

Trilce Estrada

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of What can you do with computer science?

Design of cars and bridges employs computer assisted design tools 3D animation, movie visual effects, virtual reality, and computer games rely on computer graphics technology Computer science revolutionizes the way we interact with our environment: Computer enhanced interfaces improve the quality of life for people with disabilities Applied mathematics and data mining generate business intelligence Computer science introduces new visual and audio adventures to the human experience: Computer science empowers ground-breaking scientific research in almost any discipline: Breakthroughs in computer science can save lives: Collaborative software transforms the way we communicate and socialize Digital technology
transforms artistic activities such as music production and photography Autonomous vehicles make space and ocean exploration possible Analysis of medical images improves accuracy of diagnosis Computer assisted surgeries increase precision and minimize patient trauma You can make a difference in the world with computer science Computer science is much more than just about computers! Human-computer interaction Health care Sciences Visit us at:

www.cis.udel.edu/~cisters Art and entertainment If you like to help people If you are creative Computer simulation is the cornerstone of drug discovery, and weather prediction Remote care enables greater access to expert services
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