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Language Assignment

Riley Meyers

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Pathos

Pathos People in Need Humane Society Ad:
-Old man dressed in ragged clothes in the middle of nowhere, holding a glass of beer ~ feel sorry for him
-Man looks thin, frail, hungry ~ makes you want to help him
-Caption saying pint of beer is 4.50 euros, to donate 50L of water to him is 1.50 euros ~ feel guilty about spending your money on drinks instead of donations Appealing to your audiences emotions By:Subhadra, Steven, Riley and Sabrina L. BMW Anti Drunk Driving Ad:
-Aesthetic leg ~ feel sorry for person
-Tagline makes you realize drunk driving caused incident ~ makes you (adults) not want to drink and drive
-Text tells you hard to get aesthetic limbs DEFIPOURLATERRE save water ad:
-Sick looking animal in murky, dirty water ~ feel sorry for animal
-Tagline says "Having a bath instead of a shower destroys the planet" ~ think bath what caused the animal to be sick
-Makes you want to take a shower instead to help save the animal Romeo and Juliet (1968)
Movie Poster:
-holding onto each other
-creates a sense that they
really love each other
-sense of mystery
-encourages you to watch the
-looks on faces makes you
sympathize with character in
situation Child Health Foundation Second-hand Smoke Ad:
-Halo of smoke around young child's head
-Tagline says some children get to heaven earlier ~ meaning second-hand smoke kills
-Imagine this girl killed from the smoke ~ audience feels sorry for her, wants to help Olympus Binoculars Ad:
- Koala is "magnetized" to the binoculars ~ funny
-Impact reaction of koala looks funny ~ gets audience's attention
- Meaning: the binoculars are so powerfulthat they make it seem that the koala is actually that close to the person
-The person is also not in a "koala environment" BMW Don't Text and Drive Ad:
-Young child made up of text on
phone screen
-Showing what is behind phone
-Trying to show you that kid
might get run over
- Kid getting run over usually
makes people emotional (sad) Unicef Safe Water ad:
-Young girl with a water gun to her head
-Tagline says "Bad water kills more children than war." ~ makes you feel sad for child
-Somewhat sullen look on her face, making you feel bad for her Coca Cola Commercial:
- Border guards pacing the border, stiffly, no expression
- Guard on one side opens a coke, thinks, then shares with other, breaking rules
- Guard with beard is sad when seeing other one only drinking coke, then smiles when he shares
- After guards drink Coca Cola, they pace the border relaxed ~ audience wants to be like that
-Message; coca cola can make even the most brusque of guards smile and can bring people together Thanks for watching! Nestea "the taste that makes you forget all" ad:
-Woman looks very serene ~ happy
-Makes you want to be like her
-Eyes closed, as if she is actually in ocean (scene in pic)
-Tagline helps effectiveness of ad
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