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my homes rubbish flow chart

No description

Malaika Simon

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of my homes rubbish flow chart

where it all starts!
like most family's all rubbish is used, like i said most of the thing we buy is from pack n save.
we use what we buy and throw it in the bin.

in the bin.
In my neighborhood our rubbish day is a Thursday. so on every Wednesday evening we get the rubbish ready to be taken to where the rubbish truck takes its.
in New Zealand the rubbish has to go somewhere, for Hamilton our rubbish goes to Hampton downs refuse and recycling.
What they do with the rubbish in Hampton downs?
In Hampton downs they either recycle the rubbish that is recyclable ( like plastic, cans and aluminum). with the ones that are not recyclable go in Hampton downs land fill.
thank you too
made on: prezi due by: friday 13th june 2014
hard work done by: malaika simon
images by: google images

thank you for wacthing
a clean green enviorment!
my homes rubbish flow chart
made by malaika
the rubbish we get has to start somewhere and for my family its
pack n save.
so when we buy food or other stuff its mostly from pack n save.

where the rubbish truck takes our rubbish.
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