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Jana Breitmeier Presents the return of shows that she enjoys

This is a presentation created for my CTE 315 class

Jana Breitmeier

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Jana Breitmeier Presents the return of shows that she enjoys

Jana Breitmeier Presents in honor of CTE 315 required work Shows I am looking forward to !! This has just started back for a second season, and I haven't been able to watch any episodes yet, of which I will do on Hulu. I am very concerned about Mr. Shu kissing a woman who is not his wife and do not support their relationship progressing before that gets sorted out, however that will mean. I look forward to hearing more songs and seeing more dances and hopefully more of Jane Lynch's impeccable comedic timing, and the witty one-liners that are dispersed throughout the show. This brilliant show has somehow managed to survive being a show about a very boring office and turned into the stuff of legends. There was some concern when Jim and Pam had their child that it would mess up the pace of the show, however the baby has been strangely absent since its birth. The quotes from this show, concepts, and Dwight's facial expressions will live on long after this show is cancelled, which will hopefully be never. Fact: I am anticipating the return of the show faster than you can read this letter. Or this letter. Or this... I have adapted my anticipation skills to the level that only three other humans on earth have been able to achieve. And they
won't be born until 2025. (I was making fun of Dwight...
If you don't watch the show that was probably just weird.) This is a show that I know is terrible. A part of me looks down on myself for watching it, but a bigger, louder, and more in control of the remote part of myself really enjoys something about this show. Is it the fashion, or at least what they call fashion? Is it secretly wanting to be Lauren Conrad's friend? Is it hoping that Heidi and Spencer do something ridiculous? Is it the catfights? Who knows. All I know is that I will tune in because I haven't missed an episode yet. I like to make myself feel better by watching it online a few days later instead of taking time to try to watch it when it airs, but this is also one show I am looking forward to in the upcoming weeks.
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