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Radio Movie Review

No description

Destinie Thomas

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Radio Movie Review

A Movie Review Radio James, nicknamed Radio for his love of radios and music and played by Cuba Gooding Jr., is a mentally disabled man. Who is Radio? Radio is and has: What are some characteristics
of his exceptionality? How does the community react to Radio's disability? He encourages the community to help and donate Christmas gifts Coach Jones steps up
and helps Radio release his voice. In 1976, in Anderson, South Carolina, football coach Harold Jones of the T.L. Hanna High School, protects a mentally disabled young man from the abuse of some of his players. How did the public perceive this film? I think the public perceived this film as more than a motivational sport story. THE END This Prezi was created by
Destinie Thomas Throughout the film, the audience sees Radio transform from a shy, unengaged to a friendly, vocal, and involved within his community. limited vocabulary trouble comunicating Hard time understanding social ques and norms I think Radio has characteristics of autism (but the film never reveals his disability explicitly). Most of the community members don't understand Radio They know he is different but do not understand how or why Some, specifically some football players, tease and harass Radio The main problem is no one knows how to help Radio BUT, Some parents even fight to have him removed from school because they do not know what he is capable of doing He allows Radio to be an assistant for the football team. He feeds Radio and converses with him, but also gives him space to make his own decisions He fights for Radio when parents fear his impact on their children He attempts to teach Radio how to write. He shows the community that Radio has so much to teach to everyone. He encourages
empathy, not sympathy. He connects with Radio though music and the radio. He asks Radio's mother how he can help. With autism being extremely present in our society, Radio gives its audience to think about how their actions and words contribute to others world, especially those with a mental illness. However, I think people could easily just develop
sympathy for Radio, instead of taking the
time to learn from him. Basic Summary of Radio James Kennedy, the mentally disabled man, hardly speaks when Coach Jones firsts meets him. After befriending Radio, Coach Jones helps to expose the loving and sharing side of Radio to the sometimes resistant community. In the end, Radio and Coach Jones teach a community. Coach Jones and his Role
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